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Buy Portable Villa Accommodation


    Date : February 11, 2019
    Location : Auckland

    The Mopod portable villa accommodation is designed to give you the look and feel of a quality home. Our Mopod portable rooms can be used as an extra bedroom for farm staff. Mopod Cabins are fully transportable and are a great solution for your temporary and permanent accommodation needs. Learn more in our blog post.


    Mopod portable villa accommodation replicates the comfort of a quality home

    Do you need a self contained unit or two room home office? If you answered yes, then the Mopod Portable Villa Cabin is right for you. Our largest Mopod cabin can be used as a self contained cabin, extra accommodation or office. The Mopod cabin comes complete with kitchen area, cupboards, bedroom, and bathroom. You can also add optional extras like data cabling, a heat pump, or you can add wooden flooring to create a comfortable, functional, stylish office space for yourself, family or friends.

    The Mopod Portable Villa accommodation is ideal for homes and businesses

    Our Mopod’s are transportable from one location to the next. Our self contained portable cabins also offer a covered veranda which offers not only protection from the weather but also the opportunity to greet clients as they come into your office. You will also be able to relax with family and friends, or simply enjoy your own quiet space.The veranda can also be built onto the side of the Mopod Villa to give you additional recreational and relaxation space. The extra decking can also be used to create a walkway to another Mopod Villa or Mopod Studio which will accommodate more people or give you more living space.Transportable Villa Accommodation

    Mopod Portable Villa’s are built to the highest NZ Building Standards

    Affordable and comfortable, all Mopod portable units are built and completed to the highest workmanship. Mopod transportable cabins have been constructed to New Zealand building standards. Each Mopod Villa is built with treated timber and fully insulated making the relocatable units cool in summer and warm in winter, which makes it perfect as a self contained cabin for your teenager, grandparents or office.Mopod Villas have been specifically designed to complement any existing home with its stylish, modern yet neutral design. Full specifications are available on request.If you are looking for extra space, another bedroom, sleep-out, or granny flat you can save time, money and the hassle of building. Most NZ council allow sleep-outs, granny flats or extra accommodation on your section without the need for a permit as long as it is 10 sqm less in area.* A Mopod installation requires a minimum space of 6 by 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres in height at the selected property.You can provide accommodation to tenants or a border and earn rental income. Whether you are looking for a holiday bach, temporary accommodation for your family, an extra room for your teenage son or daughter or a granny flat for your grandparents – the possibilities are endless. The Mopod Villa is also ideal for anyone looking for some extra income.

    Mopod portable villa accommodation available with Financing Options

    Purchasing a Mopod portable villa has never been easier with our financing options. We have partnered up with MTF Henderson to give you more financing options when purchasing a Mopod portable cabin. The Mopod Portable Villa design shares many characteristics with a vehicle, for example the addition of the wheels and the ability to tow a Mopod Cabin allows our Mopod’s to meet the MTF vehicle finance requirements. Learn more about MTF finance options in our dedicated blog post.Mopod relocatable Villas are available for rent or can be purchased outright. Ask about our finance package which will allow you the option of Rent to Buy, this available now to approved purchasers. Use our online contact form below or call our sales team at 0800-466-763.Follow our team on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google Plus to get our latest news and updates.