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Septic tanks

Cleanways, Septic Tank Cleaning Southland.

  • Cleanways, Septic Tank Cleaning Southland.


Date : April 8, 2019
Location : Invercargill

Septic Tank Cleaning Southland

Blocked drain? Your Southland Septic tank needs cleaned?

We have seven Southland Based vacuum trucks that are fully equipped to clean out blocked drains, septic tanks cleaning.

Our Vacuum Trucks carry up to 9,000 litres of waste, making even the toughest job easier.

The team can clean out your effluent ponds, Clean your septic tanks, and holding tanks.

They also offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service cleaning out your effluent ponds.

Trucks can carry extra lengths of hose to ensure problematic and challenging locations can be reached.

Cleanways septic Tank Cleaning Southland recommends that Septic Tanks be pumped out at least every two years for a family of five.

This frequency is dependent on what is going into the system, the capacity of the tank and the number of people living on the property at one time.


You can get Craig on the mobile on 0274 328873.