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  • Dwyer Lewis Earthworks, Hurunui


Date : January 30, 2019
Location : Culverden

Dwyer Lewis Earthworks


Owner-operator Shane Dwyer from Dwyer Lewis Earthworks.


Shane and his father-in-law Bruce ‘Blue’ Lewis spotted an emerging market and teamed up to form Dwyer-Lewis Earthworks.

Since then, Dwyer Lewis has engaged in the large task of clearing a pathway and services provision accompanying the installation of these irrigators.

Which include the tree and building removal, earthworks, power, and water supply, over huge swathes of land.

With the scale of these jobs, work must be completed as fast as possible. So livestock can start grazing in increased numbers and producing more income for their owners.


Dwyer says a number of people asked him a few years back, what his business was going to do when all the irrigation systems had been installed.

He says the doomsayers didn’t realise the irrigation systems need constant maintenance, especially in the areas where the wheels track along their pathways.


Phone Shane:  0274 661 025