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Hustler, Boom Sprayers for sale.

  • Hustler, Boom Sprayers for sale.


Date : January 17, 2019
Location : New Zealand

Boom Sprayers for sale

Hustler’s boom sprayers careful attention to detail, smart chassis/tank/pump integration has allowed Hustler to produce the toughest and most compact boom sprayer available today that no longer needs to be parked on a pallet.

Hustler's Katipo sprayer


Utilising the latest computer-generated flow simulation we’ve created the perfect flow of liquid within the tank. Combined with our new optional MixMaxTM technology you can be assured that your solution is mixed, and stays mixed to save you stripey paddocks. A unique CoupleUpTM system makes connecting to filling stations or filling out of a creek with the Katipo pump a snap.

Hustler's Katipo Boom sprayer


Our Katipo boom sprayers are modular and can have optional time savers fitted as and when you like. The SlickFitTM spray valving system, lets you choose how you’d prefer to control your new sprayer and when it comes to booms, you’re spoiled for choice! Three radical new booms, along with New Zealand’s toughest, the DuraBoomTM gives you the Hustler edge.

Katipo Boom sprayer - sump


Hustler’s Katipo boom sprayers are packed full of features. A generous sump size lets you spray on steep terrain without sucking air and leaving missed patches. Integrated into the design is a handy toolbox that is quick and easy to open and has plenty of space for spare nozzles, filters and is also handy for storing controllers when the sprayer is not in use. 3 section controls are standard with a pressure lock function which eliminates any accidental rate change and with our unique SlickFit system you can upgrade, or swap co

Hooking up trailed sprayers is simple and easy! Just back the tractor up, connect the PTO shaft, plug in the hoses, cable and drawbar pin and away you go. Done!

Hustler trailed sprayer - tank design


Unlike others these tanks are blow molded. This far superior technique makes an incredibly strong, UV safe and longer lasting tank. Specially designed to keep the weight balanced between tractor and sprayer, with a lower centre of gravity. Deep sump allows you to fully empty the tank even on steep terrain. A smooth internal shape reduces residues when cleaning which also assists the agitation for a thorough solution mix.

Hustler's Jacto trailed sprayer


Hustler’s Jacto trailed boom sprayers use a combination of coil springs, hydraulic accumulators, rubber cushions and hydraulic dampeners to provide an extremely supple ride. The triple suspension system includes individual yaw dampening, dual vertical suspension and wing dampened suspension. Eliminates excessive side loading on both sprayer and tractor. Eliminates shock damage and provides the most consistent application. In transport mode, the boom is suspended giving you added peace of mind.

Hustler's Jacto sprayer booms


Our booms are second to none and are built to last! Built with a huge triple pipe design for massive strength. A unique hydraulic pivot design holds the boom tightly together eliminating any slop within the folding sections and allows the boom to flex in the rugged terrain eliminating unnecessary stress on the structure. Breakaway section protects your boom from unnecessary damage when hitting a fence. Wing lift is standard.