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  • Hustler Feed out Wagons


Type : Contact the sales team
Date : January 17, 2019
Location : New Zealand

Hustler Feed out Wagons


Proven in the field & around the world, Hustler’s Comby feedout wagons are designed for larger scale farmers who rely on feeding a combination of silage, bales, root crops and a variety of supplementary feeds. Hustler’s Comby feedout wagons are built tough to withstand any punishment so you never have to worry about any downtime. The unique hydraulic tilting elevator design allows you to place the feed exactly where you want, be it into troughs, bunks, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture.



Comby feeding Fodder beet


Hustler’s Comby feedout wagons are built to handle all bale types, shapes, and sizes including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and features an in-built bale loading system.  The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture.



All Comby feeders come standard with a Hydraulic tilting elevator allowing the operator to place the feed exactly where they want, be it into troughs, bunks, up against a fence line to reduce trampling or over a hot wire the choice is yours. And they’re scale ready allowing you to add the weighing option when it suits your operation so you can accurately measure the correct amount your herd needs, reducing waste and increasing the performance of your farm.



The stability Comby feedout wagons have to offer allows operators to safely feed their cattle in the most challenging terrain where ordinary feed out wagons would tip over. Not needing to slow down for rugged or bumpy terrain enables operators to get the job done in less time

Low loading height


The ultra low loading height, provides improved visibility making loading easier and reduces the possibility of damage to the wagon from inexperienced operators. Being able to see into the tub, from the loading tractor improves load efficiency and makes bale loading easier



The combination of a tough, well-proven design with the design smarts of the unique load dividing system reduces loads and stresses on drives, motors, shafts and the floor. With the all steel floor design that lasts the lifetime of the feeder, you’ll never need to worry about a broken board, breaking a chain, or rotting out from the exposure to silage juices reducing maintenance and wear out which lets you spend more time feeding out and less time in the workshop.



The simple in-cab electric joystick control gives you fingertip control over the entire feeder, letting you control the feed row of any feed type and density. Elevator, main floor, and cross floor give you greater control. You have full control of the feed material, being able to forward and reverse all floor movements. The patented bale manipulator aids the loading of large round bales and can be operated from the driver’s seat on the tractor.


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