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Smith and Sons Builders

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  • Smith and Sons Builders


Date : January 16, 2019
Location : New Zealand

Smith and Sons Builders


The great news is – you are in the right place. Smith & Sons’ Builders unique Design – Plan – Construct renovation building system caters for wherever you are in your home renovation journey. The DPC system was designed for you and hundreds of people like you who are out there looking for answers and to be guided through the renovation process.

Before we go into detail, we would like to let you know why we developed the DPC system and how it works for you and your home renovation.



Design and build is the concept of integrating the process of designing and building a construction project with one company managing the entire process from start to finish. This applies to renovations also as the process of a renovation can be similarly complex to that of building a house. Choosing a single company to manage the design and build of your renovation can be far more efficient, as well as providing cost savings throughout the entire process.

This is especially true when ensuring that the initial design will fit within your budget rather than the typical scenario where the architect designs something beautiful and amazing, which you simply cannot afford and therefore have already wasted time and money before even getting started. We ensure that all aspects of your renovation project work in sync to provide you the ultimate renovation within budget.



What makes us different from other design and build companies?

Now you can see how a specialist design and build company can be easier and more cost effective than managing multiple companies and contractors in different industries… How do you know which design and build company is right for your renovation?


Here are a few of many reasons why we are different and the benefits of working with Smith & Sons:


  • We talk about budget before design and consents begin, which ultimately saves you time and money.
  • We provide a detailed cost estimate breakdown so you know the costs which you may then choose to move around.
  • You will have a dedicated project manager who takes full accountability for project completion… on time, on budget and of the highest standard. This is not a “side job” for us as it would be if you contracted a builder and other tradespeople. We are fully committed to your project.
  • Your dedicated project manager handles everything from consents, to paperwork and coordinating times with the tradespeople. Your project manager is one easily accessible central source of information.
  • Our teams are very respectful and select only the best tradespeople for the job. Great organisation and project timing along with trust and respect generally allows you to live in your home during the whole renovation design and build process.
  • We work only locally and know the area, environment, housing types and the local tradespeople best for your renovation.
  • Last but not least, we are renovation specialists! We only do renovations and extensions and we do them well. For a renovation design and build, you know you can trust the experts at Smith & Sons.


Contact us: 0800 764 846