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Southland Farm Services, Southland

  • Southland Farm Services, Southland
  • Southland Farm Services, Southland


Date : February 11, 2019
Location : Southland

Southland Farm Services


Our Refrigeration Division provides installation and maintenance refrigeration services in new and existing homes, industrial and commercial buildings as well as servicing the rural sector. We understand how critical refrigeration is for many people and businesses whether that’s for their seasonal comfort or for protection of commercial goods.

We install and maintain Heat Pumps in homes and office buildings and provide maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is running efficiently and is hygienically safe. In the commercial sector the installation and maintenance services we provide, but are not limited to, include Walk in Freezers, Chiller Rooms, Bottle Cabinets, Restaurant Chiller Units, Ice Machines, Beer Line Refrigeration as well as Heat Pumps.

Regarding the dairy industry one of the most critical regulatory requirements for dairy farmers is ensuring their milk is at the correct temperature. We provide an installation and maintenance service for milk vat refrigeration to ensure that occurs. We also install and maintain Water Chillers and Heat Pumps in the rural sector.

We offer a twenty four hour call out service for our highly skilled Refrigeration Technicians to resolve your refrigeration issues and we’re happy to sit down with you to develop a preventative maintenance program for your refrigeration equipment.


Contact us: 03 214 1228    (24 hours)