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Streamline Environmental & Drainage

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  • Streamline Environmental & Drainage
  • Streamline Environmental & Drainage
  • Streamline Environmental & Drainage
  • Streamline Environmental & Drainage


Date : December 6, 2019
Location : Hamilton

Streamline Environmental & Drainage Hamilton



Streamline Environmental & Drainage is a Hamilton based company specializing in servicing sumps, grease traps, septic tanks and drain unblocking.

We are a certified waste transporter, and have a comprehensive level of insurance.

We are able to provide you with documentation proving your waste has been disposed of correctly, which is part of our policy of providing transparency for the customer.

We have a can do attitude, and a passion for doing a great job!

We have a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the drainage and waste industry, and we make it our business to deliver the most efficient service with minimal disruption to you.


Your satisfaction is our future.



Blocked Drains

Getting a blocked drain can be a real hassle, and at Streamline, we understand this.

Our van packs have a powerful 3000psi jetter and cctv camera on board to ensure the job is done to the highest standard and the faults can be repaired.

With 120m of hose in a compact vehicle, there are not many places we cannot reach.

Available 24-7 for emergencies.




When it comes to sewer and storm water inspections we give you the clearest possible picture of the problem.

We can film any pipe from 75mm to 2000mm in diameter.

Our innovative equipment gives superior value to the client.

All our filming is done to the New Zealand pipeline inspection manual standards, and we present a full report on the drain along with filming.

Our well trained and qualified technicians can also locate any faults above ground, so dig ups can we done with minimal disruption.



Septic Tank

Inside your septic tank, a biological reaction is always occurring. Liquids are being released through a field drain, while solids break down inside the tank.

Basically this means that over time, the substance in your tank gets thicker, and eventually needs to be cleaned out.

You need to have your septic tank cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation, and minimise health risks for you and your family.



What happens if I don’t have my septic tank cleaned regularly?

If your toilets and drains are running slow, or you notice unpleasant odours throughout the house, it could be a sign there’s a buildup, or block in your system.

Blockages can lead to a failing septic system, which can result in wastewater ending up in your yard, or even in your home.

This could be dangerous, and damaging to the health of your family.





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