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  • Teatx


Date : January 23, 2019
Location : Hamilton

  • Fast penetration speed
  • Delivers superior teat condition to help prevent mastitis
  • Low residue risk

TEATX® is New Zealand’s leading dairy cow teat spray. 88% of users highly recommend it and many farmers have seen brilliant results.

TEATX® produces more milk solids. By improving teat condition, milk yield is improved by decreasing clinical mastitis, lowering BMSCC and improving milk-out. TEATX® teats are naturally resilient to infection. This leads to lower treatment costs and milk withholding, and you’ll see an increase in profit.

But why is TEATX® better than other teat sprays on the market? TEATX® has the fastest penetration time (less than 1 second) so it gets to work faster than any other teat spray. It hits hard and tackles mastitis head on. It’s neutral pH is gentle on cows skin, minimising damage.

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