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Total Concrete Products Taumarunui

  • Total Concrete Products Taumarunui


Date : September 20, 2019
Location : Waikato

Concrete Water Troughs, Concrete Sheds, Concrete Septic Tanks


Total Concrete Products Limited is a manufacturer of precast concrete products for the Rural & Civil sectors.


We are based in Taumarunui, and service the Central North Island, including the Waikato, King Country, Ruapehu, Taupo, Taranaki, Wanganui and Manawatu  districts


Total Concrete Products was formed in 2016, when Paul & Coral Stephens purchased the business.

Paul came into the business, having 40 years of experience in the Farm Water Supply & Drainlaying industries. This background gave him a great insight into the needs of the end users of our products, and has helped us to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and the quality of our products.


Prior to this, the business has a long history of providing quality pre-cast products to the civil and rural sectors.


Having been known as Taumarunui Concrete Products, Thompsen’s Concrete Products and Harvey Concrete products over the years; one thing has not changed – The high quality of handmade concrete products.


Concrete Septic Tanks

Our range of hand-plastered septic tanks are known for quality, strength and value for money.

All of our septic tanks:
=  Are oval in shape
=  Come with removable access holes in the lids
=  Are fitted with inlet and outlet square junctions
=  Inlets are installed 1.5 metres from the bottom of the tank
=  Come with outlet filters fitted

Septic Tank Dimensions

Tank Capacity (Litres)LengthWidthHeightWeight
3,000 (Single Chamber)2.5 metres1.4 metres1.7 metres1.8 tonne
4,000 (Single Chamber)3.0 metres1.45 metres1.7 metres2.0 tonne
4,000 (Dual Chamber)3.0 metres1.45 metres1.7 metres2.1 tonne



Concrete Water Troughs

We manufacture high quality water troughs, all with integral plastic ballcock inlet, and optional ballcock covers

Sheep Troughs (Oblong)

80 Gallon (360 Litre)       1900mm Long x 700mm Wide x 410mm High

120 Gallon (540 Litre     2140mm Long x 900mm Wide x 410mm High

Sheep Troughs (Round)

60 Gallon (270 Litre)            1000mm Wide x 460mm Height

75 Gallon (335 Litre)            1280mm Wide x 360mm Height

125 Gallon (560 Litre)           1730mm Wide x 360mm Height

Cattle Troughs (Round)

290 Gallon (1305 Litres)        1800mm Wide x 670 High

We also manufacture a range of Pig, Horse & Dog Water & Feed troughs. Call us on 0800 TROUGH to discuss your needs.



Concrete Water Tanks

Our concrete water tanks are hand plastered, and are made to last!

Our tanks can be buried up to the lid, and we also make a tank that can be completely buried.

Tank Sizes & Dimensions

Tank SizeDiameterHeightWeight
23,500 Litre (5,000 Gallon)3.429 metres2.743 metres5.61 tonne
13,650 Litre (3,000 Gallon)2.743 metres2.438 metres3.57 tonne
9,100 Litre (2,000 Gallon)2.743 metres1.829 metres2.55 tonne
4,550 Litre (1,000 Gallon)2.00 metres1.829 metres1.02 tonne


Killing Shed

We manufacture a Killing/Hanging shed.

The shed comes in our standard size –   2.134 metres wide x 2.286 metres high, and weighs 3.06 tonne
The killing shed comes:
=  Painted inside and out
=  Air Vent fitted in roof
=  Aluminium Window & Door
=  Painted Steel hanging rack
=  Drain in the floor of the shed (optional)
=  Hose Tap inside the shed (optional)



Dangerous Goods Shed

We manufacture Dangerous Good Sheds, perfect for storing your farm chemicals.

Our Dangerous Goods Sheds come in two sizes:

Our Model 3000 is based on our 3,000 gallon tank  =  2.743 m Wide x 2.438 m high
Our Model 2000 is based on our 2,000 gallon tank =   2.134 m wide x 2.286 m high

The Dangerous Goods Shed comes:
=  Painted inside and out
=  Air Vent fitted in roof
=  Steel Door & Frame (1900mm High x 900mm Wide)
=  Window (optional)
=  Drain in the floor of the shed (optional)


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