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Septic tanks

Wastetech, Septic Tank Cleaning Otago

  • Wastetech, Septic Tank Cleaning Otago


Date : April 23, 2019
Location : Dunedin

Farm and Lifestyle Septic Tank Cleaning Otago


Wastech Septic Tank Cleaning Services are qualified in cleaning out your Otago Septic tanks as and when required. No job is too difficult and our Otago Septic tank cleaning trucks can carry extra lengths of hose to ensure we reachproblematic and challenging locations.

If you live in a Rural Area in Otago or a Bach that does not allow you to connect to a town sewage system, your property will have its own on-site disposal system. The most common method of on-site disposal is a Septic Tank.

All Wastewater from your home discharges into the Septic tank buried on your property. Earlier model Septic Tanks have a rodding eye or access point just before the sewer line where it enters the tank. This is also commonly known as a “mushroom” or a “police man’s helmet”.

If there is Waste dispersing from this point or your gully trap and or your amenities/facilitiesare blocked, then this is a fair indication your tank is full.

Septic Tanks commonly need to be pumped out on an average of 3-5 years.

Frequency depends on the following factors

* What is going into the system

* The amount of people living on the property using the system

* Capacity of the tank

Holding Tanks sit above the ground and store the Greywater from your property.

Greywater is the water from basins, baths & showers.

Grey Water MUST NOT be stored for extended periods of time in the tank and is essential that it is emptied entirely every time.

Frequency of empty depends on the extent of Greywater dispersed.


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