Advantage Designer Homes

Advantage Designer Homes manufactures and relocates 1 to 5-bedroom homes for Farmers. You can choose from our large range of design builds and we are able to customise them to your requirements– this is tailored to your budget and timeframes. Quality is of the utmost importance, as every home built comes with a 10-year warranty.

Building a home – big or small can be a stressful time, and ADH wants to make it as stress-free as possible. This is achieved by having a complete in-house process and your own consultant from building to the relocation of your new home.

If you require extra space for family, or if you have brought the perfect piece of land and want to soak in the views as fast as possible, then ADH can help you.

ADH is an extension of Prestige Building Removals, with certified builders and a group of experienced building relocators that have experience in residential, commercial, and rural, we have the knowledge and skills for every job.

With over 30 years of experience, the latest state of the art equipment to do the job safely and the staff know-how, Prestige Building Removal’s fantastic house moving teamwork across the board piling, removing, and relocating preloved homes.

They are passionate about preserving New Zealand’s architecture and making sure heritage buildings and others are saved. While supporting customers to do the same, the team often thought about the option of new builds.

This is how Advantage Designer Homes was born. Here, the team understands the different types of valued customers who want to renovate and restore. While also understanding others might not have the luxury of time and are more inclined to go with a brand new transportable build.

Both companies have come together to provide one of the only in-house services in New Zealand, offering home relocation, removal and new build transportable homes.

The Hatcher

The Stirling