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Northland Transport


At Northland Transport, we understand that farmers need quick and efficient solutions for their agricultural needs. Our team is comprised of Ag Contractors with farming backgrounds, giving us a deeper understanding of the importance of timely services.

With our extensive range of top-of-the-line equipment, including hay making, fertiliser spreading, undersowing, rotary hoeing and ground conditioning, we deliver the highest quality results in a timely manner. 

Our services don’t stop there – we also offer drainage, wastewater, stormwater, effluent, earthmoving services and pond cleaning, as well as cartage for silage, fertiliser, hay and metal, and earthmoving services for whatever you need to move.

 With over 40 years of experience servicing Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Kaitaia, and the surrounding districts, we have a wealth of expertise in civil construction such as earthmoving, asphalt surfacing, roading, road repairs, and retaining walls, among others.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality service is reflected in our NZ Transport Agency prequalification, TQS1 2005 certification, and Site Wise Green Certificate for High-risk contractors.

 Our residential division offers site works, service installation, drainage, retaining walls, landscaping, and section maintenance services, making us a one-stop-shop for land clearing and construction needs. Contact Northland Transport today at 09 407 9103 for guaranteed high-quality and efficient services.

Ag Contractors Wellsford

Mike Webber Contracting


Mike Weber Ag Contractors is a reputable agricultural contracting company, located in Wellsford, owned by the proficient Mike and Lisa Weber.

Mike has a deep-rooted love and passion for farming industry, being born and raised on a farm. With over ten years of experience, Mike and his team of skilled farm contractors and staff are committed to delivering quality, efficient and effective services to their valued clients. Lisa, on the other hand, serves as the administration manager, ensuring seamless and hassle-free operations of the company.

From land preparation to haymaking, to erosion control and mowing to spraying, Mike Weber Ag Contractors provides a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Moreover, the company’s services are not limited to Wellsford alone; the dedicated team is willing to travel across Rodney and North Auckland to provide agricultural contracting services.

To experience timely and excellent services, please call Mike Weber Ag Contractors on 022 109 0764.

Ag Contractors Nth Waikato

Reymer Agriculture

Farm Macinery Finanace
Reymer Ag Contractors

Reymer Ag Contractors is a well-established company that has been in existence since the 1960s.

 Founded by the late John Reymer Senior, the company started by providing farming and haymaking services to local farmers in the Tihiroa region. 

John was a highly innovative individual who was one of the first in New Zealand to use Massey Ferguson tractors and had the first loader wagon in the country. He was also committed to helping the community grow.

In the 1970s, John’s son Bill took over the business, and he evolved Reymer Agriculture from conventional hay to round-bailed silage. He also introduced methods such as direct drilling and undersowing, which enabled the company to expand its operations.

 Bill was known for having one of the first Massey Ferguson cab tractors in the country, which helped establish the company’s reputation for having the best equipment available.

The company then passed on to the third generation, with Bill’s two sons Chris and Mike taking over in 2005. 

Chris and Mike grew up with the industries of machinery and farming in their blood, and they brought in their different values and experiences from working in the UK, dairy farming, and driving for different farmers and contractors in Australia. 

Over the past 10 years, Reymer Ag has expanded its operations to include a full range of services, from spraying out to harvest, using a fleet of modern and well-maintained equipment. You can contact Reymer Ag Contracting at 021 942 121.

Ag Contractors Waikato

John Austin Ag Contractors

Ag contractors

John Austin Rural Contractors

John Austin Ltd is a remarkable family-owned agricultural contracting business located just south of Te Awamutu in the Waikato.

 The business has been serving the farming community since 1981, and its commitment to total quality is at the core of its operations.

John Austin Ltd has a rich history that dates back to when John was 16 years old, and he started working for a local contractor, Peter Hoar. After seven years, John bought Peter’s business, which he has since grown tremendously out of pure passion and commitment.

 Today, John Austin Ltd contracts to approximately 800 customers across a vast area that stretches over 200km in the North Island of New Zealand, with seasonal expansions of up to 65 people.

Besides Maize and Hay Contracting, which mainly takes place in the Waikato region, the business extends as far south as Ohakune, where it grows Wheat, Barley, and Oil Seed Rape. John and Jackie, the business owners, have three children, and the business remains a proud representation of their unwavering commitment to quality service.

 You can contact John Austin Ag Contracting on 07 872 0000.

Slattery Ag Contractors


Slattery Contracting Ltd has a long history in Ag Contracting, starting back in the mid-1950s with Paul and Ray Slattery, the father and uncle of Roger Slattery, the current owner.

Initially, they focused on breaking in land, harvesting conventional hay bales, and cultivating paddocks. In the early days, Paul’s wife, Justine, played a crucial role in running the farm, answering phone calls, organizing the hay gangs, and raising their five children.

As the years passed, Slattery Contracting Ltd expanded their services to include ploughing, undersowing, and a wide range of offerings and earthmoving services to meet the needs of their clients.

The business grew, but the Slattery family’s commitment to Matamata and rural contracting remained strong.

Over the years, the family has built lasting relationships with their clients, including Merv West and D.J. O’Sullivan, who have been working with the company for 50 years.

Despite this growth and success, the family remains grounded in their values, something that sets them apart from other contractors.

Contact Slattery Ag Contracting at 07 888 8647 today to learn more about their offerings and how they can help you.

Jackson Ag Contracting


Welcome to Jackson Contracting (JCL)! Our company is based near Tauhei, located between Morrinsville and Gordonton, in the beautiful Waikato region of New Zealand. 

We are proud to provide high-quality agricultural contracting services throughout the region and ensure that our clients receive top-notch service.

At JCL, our services include a range of offerings such as our popular Hay Contracting and Maize Service. These services involve mowing, raking, baling, loader wagon, chopping, Precision Maize planting, side dressing and chopping with yield maps. 

In addition, we offer Cultivations and drilling and earthmoving services. We are dedicated to using the latest technology and techniques and provide on-farm advice and discussions, regular communication, and flexibility regarding your schedule and work preferences.

Our owner Jeremy has a unique background in agriculture, with his father having managed agricultural machinery dealerships in the UK. 

Jeremy has a degree in Agricultural Technology and Management from Silsoe College and has gained extensive experience in UK and Australian agricultural contracting, as well as building. With a passion for new technology and techniques, he is committed to bringing these systems to JCL’s customers.

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys working on his “project car,” currently a 1989 Saab Turbo.

For any agricultural contracting needs, please give us a call at 07 887 6688. We look forward to working with you!

BlueGrass Contracting Ltd

Ag Contractors

BlueGrass Ag Contracting Ltd. is a remarkably successful small business that was founded by Brook, John, and Sally in the late 1990s. 

Their innovative method of cultivating land for the forestry industry was a major breakthrough, and it quickly attracted attention from the agriculture industry. As a result, Blue Grass got involved in agriculture in the early 2000s, out of their love for Cultivation and Lucerne.

The company has been growing ever since and is now a major powerhouse in agricultural contracting. They are involved in cultivating and harvesting large tracts of land in the Waikato/Taupo area, focusing on Maize, Grass, and Lucerne. 

They have become the preferred contractor for many of the areas’ large producers, who are always seeking top-notch services and products. BlueGrass is all about the enjoyment and satisfaction of their great staff.

They have an unwavering belief in training and educating their personnel in good skills, techniques, and safe operating practices.

 When it comes to BlueGrass Contracting, it’s not just about tractors, equipment, and new technology.

 They value the enjoyment and relationship they have with their clients and the high levels of job and client satisfaction that they are capable of delivering. 

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and call Bluegrass Contracting on 07 888 2885 if you would like to experience the best in agricultural contracting.

Ireland Contracting


Ireland Ag Contractors Ltd, a well-established contracting business, is owned and managed by Tony & Sharon Ireland who lead a team of around seven experienced drivers. 

Our competent and skilled drivers have extensive knowledge in executing various farming activities such as harvesting, loader wagons, balers, cultivation, planting, and fertilizer spreading equipment, as well as earthmoving services, including the use of a digger and scoop. 

We also operate a fleet of trucks and tractors to meet different clients’ needs. During the busy seasons, our number of employees grows as we employ experienced overseas drivers to help during the spring, summer and autumn for grass and maize season.

We have been serving the farming community in South Waikato for more than three decades, providing unique and challenging opportunities while performing vital tasks like improving drainage.

Aside from Ireland Ag Contracting’s services, we also manage and grow maize for sale and grass for silage bales on three properties located in Tirau, Putaruru, and Tokoroa. 

This service provides top-notch feeds for our customers, as well as occupationally benefits our staff. Contact Ireland Ag Contracting today at 07 886 6773 and let us assist you with all your contracting needs.

Ag Contractors Bay of Plenty

Marsh Ag Contracting


The history of Marsh Ag Contractors Ltd is a testament to their impressive growth over 35 years. 

Formerly known as Neville Marsh Contracting Ltd, they have expanded their expertise in Agricultural Contracting and have now ventured into the growing field of Horticulture. 

Keeping up with their clients’ diversified needs, they have specialised in all areas to ensure their support is all-encompassing. They pride themselves on delivering quality staff, workmanship, services and products to their clients. 

This is achieved through owning and running a fleet of modern tractors and machinery that meets the highest standards.

 Marsh Ag Contractors Ltd provides their services not only in Tauranga and Rotorua but throughout the Bay of Plenty, including Te Puke and Whakatane. If you want to avail of their exceptional services, you may contact them at 07 533 1887.

JCL AG Contractors


Japie, the founder of JCL Ag Contractors, has a rich background in farming and harvesting. He grew up on a 2000 ha farmland in South Africa’s Free State region. During his time there, he managed and owned his own 613 ha cattle and sheep farm, as well as looked after various aspects of his contracting harvesting business. In fact, he used to operate up to 5 combine harvesters at a time!

In 2001, Japie and his wife immigrated to New Zealand, where he was employed as a farm manager, specialising in both dairy and dry stock. They later moved to the Bay of Plenty region, where Japie worked as an Operations Manager for a local contracting business before finally establishing JCL Contracting in 2008.

Today, JCL Contracting is a reputable name in the agricultural industry. The company emphasises on delivering exceptional quality and innovative services to all their clients. 

With Japie’s 26 years of experience in agricultural contracting and his determination to build a team of excellent equipment operators and ag contractors, JCL Contracting is dedicated to providing top-quality service to farmers in the great Bay of Plenty region. If you need any such services, don’t hesitate to reach out to them at 021 244 9481.

Ag Contractors Canterbury

McCarthy Ag Contracting


McCarthy Contracting is a highly regarded agricultural contracting business based on the outskirts of beautiful Christchurch.

 This company is proud to have been serving the local community for over 20 years! 

At McCarthy Contracting, your satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do. Our experienced and qualified Ag Contractors strive to provide you with only the best agricultural services and advice available in the region.

From farming consultations to trustworthy advice, we’ve got you covered. Our Ag Contractors serve a wide variety of areas, covering North, Mid, and South Canterbury, as well as Banks Peninsula. We also provide safe and reliable cartage services to and from the West Coast.

As registered and qualified contractors, and members of Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ), we take great pride in prioritizing safety and staying up-to-date with modern, innovative business practices.

 All of our trucks and drivers are Spreadmark certified, offering you peace of mind and reassurance.

So why wait? Contact McCarthy Contracting today to learn more about the services we can provide you with! Our phone number is 03-329 6655. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve success.

Woodleys Ag Contracting and Transport


Woodley’s Contracting is a well-known family-owned and operated rural transport and agricultural contracting business situated in the charming town of Geraldine, South Canterbury. 

The company’s journey began in the early 1980s as a small one-man baling ag contractor firm with just a TM Bedford to support the baling work, but later grew into a reputable transport company. 

Their growth was a result of helping a few friends by shifting some stock in the off-season as a favour. Since then, the ag contracting firm has continued to improve and is now among the leading rural transport and agricultural contracting organizations in the region.

 Today, Woodley’s contractors operate a fleet of modern, up-to-date heavy truck and trailer units, tractors, and forage harvesters, constantly working to maintain their replacement policy up-to-date.

Alister and Nicola Woodley, the owners of the company, are passionate about what they do and are both actively involved in the company’s operations.

 They work closely with their committed staff to deliver the high level of service that they continuously strive to achieve. At Woodley’s, their top priority is to provide their many clients, both old and new, with specialized and experienced services. 

They value the relationships they build with their clients and believe in working closely with them to understand their needs. They welcome you to contact them at 03 693 7377 to discuss their services today.

Quigley Contracting


Quigley Ag Contractors is a remarkable family-owned and operated company with a mission to deliver nothing but the best agricultural contracting service in Mid Canterbury. 

With over a decade of experience and expertise in the industry, you can trust that they are committed to meeting their clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. 

The company began its journey in 2003 with just one baler and a manual Vee rake. However, by putting their clients first and dedication to excellence, they have expanded their services and team of permanent staff throughout the year.

 Moreover, during the contracting season, which typically runs from September to March, Quigley Ag Contractors rely on local and international staff to bring their experience and enthusiasm to the team. 

It is no secret that a vast majority of their workers come from the UK and Ireland, making their team diverse and unique. 

So, for those in need of reliable and excellent agricultural contracting services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Quigley Ag Contractors at 03 308 5890, where their dedicated staff will be delighted to assist you.

May Brothers Ag Contracting


May Brothers Contracting Ltd is a company that has truly hit the ground running and built a successful business from humble beginnings.

 The story of the brothers, Tim and Phil May, is one of perseverance and dedication to their craft. Growing up on a mid-Canterbury cropping farm, Tim found his passion for agriculture at a young age and was eager to learn more.

Despite leaving school at a young age, Tim had already developed a talent for working in agriculture.

Along with his brother Phil, they decided to take a massive leap of faith and purchased a secondhand Hesston windrower 16 years ago. The brothers had a vision of servicing the small seeds and grass seed industries in mid-Canterbury, and their timing couldn’t have been better, given how rapidly these industries began to take off. 

Today, May Brothers Contracting Ltd is a flourishing business, and this is all thanks to the brothers’ business acumen, innovation, and their unwavering commitment to maintaining their stellar reputation.

 If you require agricultural solutions in the Methven area or its environs, don’t hesitate to contact May Brothers Contracting at 027 699 0795.

Jackson Holmes Contracting


Introducing Jackson Holmes Ag Contractors – a company that provides top-quality, reliable and seamless contracting services to the Mid Canterbury district and beyond. 

Situated in the heart of Mid Canterbury, between the beautiful towns of Methven and Ashburton, their experienced and passionate team of Ag Contractors offers a wide range of solutions to suit a diverse range of crops and conditions all year round.

What sets Jackson Holmes Ag Contractors apart is their dedicated approach to recruitment. They have successfully recruited a large number of seasonal staff from universities and other varied backgrounds to help them through their busy harvest periods.

 Additionally, they have had excellent Ag Contractors from all over the world, including regions such as Australia, England, Wales, Germany and Canada.

At Jackson Holmes, they take immense pride in their company culture and continuously strive to develop their business around their dedicated and highly skilled Ag Contractors.

They welcome anyone with excellent ag contracting skills and experience, as well as newcomers keen to give it a go, to contact them if they want to experience the summer of a lifetime in the heart of the stunning New Zealand South Island.

Ag Contractors Southland

Walling Contracting Southland Ltd


Ag Contractors is a reputable business that has grown tremendously since its early days with just one Hesston 4750 square baler and Massey Ferguson 8140. 

Today, the business provides a wide range of services that cater to the needs of Southland Farmers. Ben, the owner, has a strong focus on providing high-quality services that are always a step ahead with new products and services. 

He takes pride in delivering top-quality baleage and silage, thriving crops, and serviceable farm lanes and drains.

It’s important to note that the company’s goal has never been to provide the cheapest service. This is because they believe that a cheap job often produces waste and poor quality. 

Therefore, all the team at Ag Contractors guarantee excellent workmanship, and all machinery is well-maintained and modern with a skilled team of managers and operators.

Ag Contractors offers a full suite of services, including beet harvesting and washing, full pit silage, windrowing, baling, farm conversion, drainage, direct drilling, and cultivation.

 This wide range of services makes it easy for farmers in Southland to get all their needs met in one place.

Hughes Contracting

Hughes Ag Contracting has been providing quality rural contracting services since 1986. With our unwavering commitment to offering exceptional services, we have established ourselves as a leading contractor in the Southland region.

 Our operations span across all areas of Southland, with depots located in Waimatua and Browns.

As a company with extensive knowledge in the rural sector, we have invested in modern, well-maintained equipment that guarantees timely completion of your project within budget and to the highest standards. 

We provide a wide range of rural services, including cultivation, planting and harvesting baleage and silage, feed supplies, cartage, excavating, and efficient effluent disposal services.

At Hughes Ag Contracting, we take pride in offering personalized services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Contact Chris today to discuss your specific requirements, and learn first-hand why we are the preferred rural contractor in Southland.