AG Digital

New Zealand is filled with so many incredible businesses and innovative companies. At AG Digital, we’re passionate about making a positive difference in farmers’ lives – helping the sector grow and prosper through better connecting with their customers via the best digital print and online advertising platforms.

Ag Digital brings over 30 years of agency expertise to the agricultural sector. We live and love the lifestyle, and we understand your audience – because we are them! 

Most importantly, we’re passionate about sharing our experience and skills with you to help your agricultural service business with every aspect of strategy, and marketing and ultimately connecting you with your rural clients.

The quality of printing products is second to none, our Océ VarioPrint i300 is far better than any other offset or digital press here in New Zealand.

‘The i300 features ink technology that precisely delivers up to 80 million drops per second. Each ink droplet can be one of four sizes, resulting in smoother colour gradations usually achieved only on higher-resolution presses.

We have some of the most experienced social media minds in the country. Our social media manager began her social media career with Myspace in 2006 in Sydney before going on to work at both Bebo and Facebook in London before returning to New Zealand at the beginning of 2013 to head Facebook’s advertising operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Our sales team have all come from farming backgrounds and are backed by some of the most competent graphic designers in the country.  

If it’s print or digital marketing we strive to be the best in the market. 

Ag Digital