Blake Civil Construction undertakes civil construction earthworks, drainage, subdivisions, concrete and more. We operate in Rodney,  West Auckland and South Auckland.

Dean Blake started the company 25 years ago in 1997, A family business that now employs sister Nicole, son Tyler and nephew Jaylen.
Starting with one old tip truck and a small machine Blake civil construction now has over 20 staff and a large array of vehicles & machinery. Dean is looking to expand the business further, Call us for ….
  • Earthworks
  • Calf Shed Cleaning
  • Hedge Removal
  • Dairy Lanes
  • Fence removal
  • Concrete Feed Pads
  • Concrete Lanes
  • Bob-Cat Work

We’re innovative in our approach and have a wealth of knowledge in different civil works practices, meaning we can recommend the right solution no matter the project. We’ve earned a reputation with our clients as being genuine and reliable contractors. We’re solutions-focused, with a bona fide passion for producing quality work.

Blake Civil Construction Limited
P: 029 471 2051