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NRM Calf Feed

Calf rearing sets the foundation for the lifetime productivity of your animal and doing it well will give you the best chance to have a profitable animal. Looking for feed sheds?

Swap Stockfoods

Founded in 1934 by Joseph Swap, the company began by supplying river gravel from the Waiomou Stream that bordered the family’s dairy farm at Te Poi.  Loaded by hand on to a single truck, gravel was used by other farmers and for concrete production by local builders on infrastructure construction work in the burgeoning nearby town of Matamata.

The purchase of a dragline digger in the late ’40s saw the company diversify into civil trenching and drainage works and the project to widen the Kaimai road.  A major setback in 1955 on a civil drainage project in Whakatane bought the company close to the brink, but the addition of David and Lewis, Joe’s sons, to the business and their stubborn approach to getting back on track saw it return to profitability and grow slowly.


Winton Stock Feed

Cows love Molasses, Molasses is a great all year supplement, and has been widely used on NZ farms for many years to supplement animal feed.  However there is more to Molasses than what you may think. Scientific studies are revealing amazing statistics on the benefits of Molasses on milking and why it should be the first choice for farmers when choosing a supplement.

Did you know that Molasses –

Improves Feed Conversion Efficiency
 – Ohio State University conducted tests on Molasses versus starch based products and found considerable improvements in milk production using molasses versus just grains*.

Is Palatable – Cows love Molasses and when mixed with other feeds this in turn improves the palatability, especially PKE, and maize silage.

Provides Energy – The correct levels of Molasses stimulates appetite so milking cows will eat more which in turn boosts energy levels, improves pregnancy rates, maximises days in milk and improves MS production. Stimulating the cows appetite around calving when cows are trying to reach peak production is an investment that pays off.

Feeds Rumen Microbes – The high sugar content of molasses stimulates the growth and activity of rumen microbes. Increased microbe activity improves fibre digestion in the rumen especially high fibre pasture, PKE and maize silage and improves overall feed conversion efficiency. 

Builds Resistance – The high-energy levels of molasses assist cows to be less susceptible to heat related stress in summer, and be less likely to suffer the effects of a harsh New Zealand Winter.

Farm Source

Calves need top quality feed for the best start in life. From weaners to yearlings, Farm Source has calf milk replacers, starters and finishers for your Livestock 

Seales Winslow

SealesWinslow Calf 20% Pellets are a palatable, high energy, high protein formulation for use in all calf rearing systems to encourage intake of dry feed.  Calf 20% Pellets provide readily available energy and a high level of quality vegetable proteins to maximise growth rates. Highly available starch to support rumen development and meet the calf’s rapidly growing nutritional needs. 
Calf 20% Pellets contains NuStart.  This is exclusive to SealesWinslow and includes essential oils, prebiotic, vitamins, and trace elements. The prebiotic is developed from plant extracts formulated to encourage feed intake and improve performance in calves. 

Weston Milling

Weston Milling is a division of George Weston Foods Limited (GWF). GWF owns and operates flour mills and feed mills in Australia and New Zealand. Weston Milling Stockfeed also known as Weston Animal Nutrition (WAN NZ) specialises in the manufacture of pelletised ruminant and monogastric stockfeed from its separate mills located in Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand. Our loyal customers prefer to call us Westons and the customer is always right, so again welcome to Westons!

Then; over 140 years of tradition and history

Originally owned by H. Archers & Sons, quality flour and stockfeed have been produced from the mill since 1864; a water wheel driven by the diversion of the Southbrook stream provided the horsepower necessary to grind the grain into flour


Start with the future in mind.

We’ve never met a farmer that doesn’t love their herd. 

They know, like we do, that continued success requires doing everything possible to efficiently breed and rear strong healthy animals, from the start of their lives.

We’re here to help kiwi farmers and rearers to know and do better. To set them up for success. Not just today, but for the future.

Stronger animals reaching their genetic potential. Better, more sustainable farming practices. Better decisions made early in pursuit of better long term outcomes.

We start with a commitment to quality. With over 50 years of history, ongoing research, scientific testing, proven results, and a team that does whatever it takes to continually improve – we are driven to develop products that are unmatched in their quality and performance. From NZ’s superior blend of whole milk, casein-based milk replacers, to the innovation that has brought about the market’s most effective electrolytes.

When farmers or rearers have a challenge, or need guidance, or just want to chat about the best way forward – we’re here to listen and to provide them with the best start. And we do it with their future in mind.

Why Farmlands?

Farmlands Co-operative was formed by farmers for farmers over 55 years ago, with the aim that everybody should prosper. This sentiment remains as strong as ever. Farmlands is the largest buying group of its type in New Zealand, transacting more than 2.5 billion dollars’ worth of business annually and is listed in the top 20 companies by turnover in New Zealand. This buying power helps reduce the input costs of more than 70,000 Farmlands shareholders nationwide.

You’re never far from the products or advice you need either. Whether you’re a farmer, grower or lifestyler, Farmlands staff are trained to provide assistance and technical expertise in the field and across 82 stores throughout New Zealand.

Takanini Feeds

Takanini Feeds Ltd manufactures both meals and pellets for calves, in different protein level formulations to suit calves at different stages of development. Our calf feeds do not contain any palm kernel expeller.

OSP Stockfeed

Oilseed Products NZ Ltd is a family owned and operated business started by Peter McNamara in 1977. Oilseed Products was the first company in New Zealand to bring in bulk shipments of vegetable oil for the food, chemical and resin industries and bulk shipments of soyabean meal for the stock feed industry.

 The oil side of the business was initially based in an old 19th century villa on Auckland’s historic College Hill with the adjacent land housing a tank farm for the vegetable oil storage. In 1988 the tanks were sold to a bulk storage terminal on Auckland’s Wynyard Wharf and were relocated from college hill to the wharf. Oilseed Products owns a 25% stake in the BST tank farm on Wynyard Wharf where the old tanks from College Hill are still in operation today. They have had a lick of paint in recent years and feature prominently in Auckland’s Wynard Quarter developments.

Sales Director, Peter Cooke joined OSP in 1993 focussing on supplying vegetable oil to local food, chemical and resin industries and trading tallow internationally. In more recent years Peter has directed the expansion of OSP NZ’s “Feeds” business supplying high quality supplements to the dairy and goat milk industries nationwide.

The poultry and stock feed side of the business was initially largely operated from our site in Auckland’s Onehunga in an old fertiliser shed that OSP purchased in 1980. 

Samen NZ

We are a New Zealand company providing New Zealand and International Genetics to NZ Dairy Farmers.

About PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson has a rich heritage of more than 160 years working alongside the agricultural, pastural and horticultural industry to service on-farm needs. PGG Wrightson (NZSX:PGW) is listed on the main board of the New Zealand Stock Exchange. As such, it is required to comply with NZSX Listing Rules. 

PGG Wrightson’s mission is to help grow the country through the delivery of technical knowledge, quality products and services, and innovation. Our organisation values the importance of personal relationships and being part of rural communities across New Zealand, through the presence of our high performing team across the country and through ongoing support for a number of sponsorships and community organisations in the rural sector.

PGG Wrightson operates a number of Business Units which are briefly outlined below.

Ngahiwi Farms

Ngahiwi Farms was incorporated in 1989, but the genesis of the business dates back three generations to 1952. Frank Ernest Coates had served as a pilot in WW2, before settling his family on a block of land in Reporoa he’d drawn in the ballot.

The “farm” turned out to be a barely developed, 670-acre slice of the foothills of the Paeroa Ranges, covered in scrub and dotted with tomos. A chance was a fine thing in those days, and like the other ‘pioneers of the pumice’ in the Reporoa Valley, he bent the nutrient-poor land to his will through the sweat of his brow. His infant son, Bill, would grow up to buy the property in 1974, adding deer to the sheep and beef operations, and naming the property “Ngahiwi” (The Ridges).

When he eventually parlayed his farming experience into an animal feeds business, the Ngahiwi name came along for the ride. Over several decades, Bill built the business into one of the most respected and forward-looking brands in the country, establishing enduring relationships with farmers up and down the country.

More than thirty years after adding feeds to his farming interests, you’ll still find Bill dividing his time fairly evenly between the milk powder production line in Penrose, the farm at Reporoa and his vineyard and farm at Matakana. Two of his sons, Will and Anto, work alongside him in the business – and their toddlers are already being eyed for generation number four!