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The Farmers Directory.

The Farmers Directory has been in use for over 20 Years. 

The Farmers Directory has been used by tens of thousands of farmers and rural folk over the years and is still as popular as ever.

The Farmers Directory is popular with Dairy Farmers, Beef Farmers, Mixed Cropping, Sheep Farmers, and Lifestyle Block Owners. 

Many of our great advertisers have been with us from the start and we never take that for granted!

The Farmers Directory attracts over six hundred visitors a week with many of those being repeat visitors. 

We don’t load up the website with hundreds of advertisers, preferring to have fewer advertisers focusing on great content and photos.

We will design you a full page advert on the Farmers Directory, including:

  • A story
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Link to your Website
  • Face Fook Page Embedded
  • Contact Details 

The price per $199.00 + GST Per Month – minimum term 6 Months. 

All advertising is to be Prepaid Monthly 

The Process.

All Adverts are Designed on a Friday. 

  1. Fill out the Form Below
  2. We will design an advert and email it to you.
  3. Make any changes and email it back.
  4. We make any changes needed
  5. You ok the advert.
  6. We send you a payment link ( Visa or Mastercard ) 
  7. Your Advert goes live on the Website.  

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