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Earthmoving services Otago and Southland

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Specialised Earthmoving Services for Farmers & Lifestyle Block Owners.

At Centre Earth Civil Construction, we understand the unique challenges faced by farmers and small lifestyle block owners. 

Our specialised services cater to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. With our skilled team and passion for working outdoors, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and unbeatable client satisfaction on every project.

We understand farm Maintenance. We can sort out your farm drainage, dairy lanes, and general cleanup, including tree removal, at the agreed time and at the right price, with minimum disruption. 

You can count on us for an honest and upfront business relationship.

Earthmoving Services Otago

Milk Tanker Lane

Dairy Lanes 
Enhance your farm’s productivity with expertly constructed dairy lanes. Our team designs and builds durable and well-draining lanes, ensuring efficient cow movement and improved overall farm management.

Dairy Lane Scraping Services
Keep your dairy lanes in top condition with our scraping service. We’ll remove built-up mud, manure, and debris, promoting cow comfort and reducing the risk of lameness and mastitis.

Track Digging
Improve access and mobility on your property with our professional track digging service. We create stable, long-lasting tracks that can handle heavy machinery and withstand the elements, making it easier to manage your land.

Land Clearing
Prepare your land for cultivation or new infrastructure with our comprehensive land clearing services. We efficiently remove trees, bushes, and other obstacles, creating a blank canvas for your farming or development plans.

Irrigation Dams
Secure a consistent water supply for your crops or livestock with our irrigation dam construction services. Our team designs and builds reliable, long-lasting dams to ensure optimal water management for your property.

Road Construction
Ensure easy access to and around your farm or lifestyle block with our expert roading service. Our team builds high-quality, durable roads to facilitate the smooth transportation of equipment, livestock, Milk tankers, and vehicles.


Earthmoving Services Otago
Earthmoving Services Otago

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