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Farm Shed Promotion 2023

The Farmers Directory has been the go-to resource for farmers for over 25 years. 

This directory caters to diverse farmers, including Dairy Farmers, Beef Farmers, Sheep Farmers, and Mixed Cropping. 

With such a broad audience, we comprehensively understand where farmers are online when they are active, and on what devices. 

We provide a seasonal Farm Shed promotion and lead-generation campaign explicitly tailored to Farm Shed Businesses servicing the rural sector. 

This promotion runs for 8 weeks. Starting Monday the 7th of August. 

This is done by promoting your business on the Farmers Directory  – and via the use of digital geo-targeting and Facebook ad targeting. This allows us to zone in on your local farmers and rural business owners.  

But we continue beyond the initial webpage visit. We understand that sometimes distractions happen, and interest might wane. That’s why we employ advanced retargeting techniques. 

Business page example.

Once a farmer visits your page and leaves, your advert will follow them around the internet, reminding them of your product or service. 

With our comprehensive advertising package, your online ads will run for two months, allowing you to engage with your target audience consistently. 

We monitor your advertisement closely to ensure it’s generating leads and clicks from the local farmers you want to reach.

Rest assured, our approach focuses on direct targeting and lead generation, ensuring your ad reaches your local farmers. 

The price is $1498.00 + GST ( prepaid )

We can normally make a great advert by using content from your website.

Your advert stays online for a further 10 months after the promotion has ended

Fill out the form below to get started – you will receive your initial advert proof within 48 Hours of booking your advert ( Monday to Friday ) 

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