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Are you in the market for a farm shed? Look no further than X Span Northland! Our experienced team of three – Mel, Nira, and Zahra – is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Our agency owner, Mel Currin, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, having worked in the Northland business and farming sectors for many years. 

Nira Kingi, our manager, oversees day-to-day operations and has plenty of experience in the building sector. And Zahra, based in Kaitaia, is always ready to lend a friendly hand when it comes to enquiries in the Far North. 

But our team’s expertise doesn’t stop there – we specialize in all types of sheds, from domestic and storage sheds to commercial and industrial buildings, aircraft hangars, and even heritage barns.

 With X Span Northland, you’re not just getting the best product at a great price – you’re also getting the best team to work with. Visit our website to learn more!

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Coresteel Farm Sheds Wellsford is one of the best companies specializing in providing Farm Sheds with unique designs and solutions for commercial buildings and farm sheds as well as lifestyle sheds that cater to a wide range of diverse clients and sectors.

 Our steel structural systems, the Bracketless Portal System, and DonoBeam exclusively allow us to expand the possibilities of building and construction efficiency without sacrificing the structural integrity. Our overall approach to building is innovation, and we offer a smart, cost-effective solution to meet every individual’s needs. You can start planning your new construction project by contacting us.

Andrew and Julie Boyd, the husband and wife duo, own and manage the Coresteel Rodney franchise, supported by a team of building professionals with years of experience in steel construction. Our team has completed an impressive collection of commercial, industrial, and lifestyle building projects since our launch in the Rodney region. 

Our ultimate goal as a team is to offer you a stress-free construction experience, where we will oversee every aspect of your project from providing a quote and organizing permits to manufacturing, construction, and ensuring compliance.

Our team has earned a reputation for unique building solutions for different clients’ diverse needs, whether it is a retail store, modern office, educational facility, or an industrial warehouse, Coresteel Rodney can deliver an outstanding solution. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today if you need help bringing your construction project ideas to life.

Farm Sheds for Sale

Aztech rural farm sheds are designed with durability in mind to withstand New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions. Dairy sheds, implement sheds, workshops, storage sheds, and hay barns are among the products that Aztech provides with the best-proven construction systems.

 When it comes to fulfilling specific farming needs, Aztech’s team of designers can customise your timber or steel farm shed to your exact specifications. This means that large and small farming needs, such as milking cows in a safe environment, are well catered for by Aztech.

 Whether you require a small shed to store your equipment or a larger building for your livestock, Aztech can create it all with pace and efficiency. With customised designs and manufacturing processes, farm sheds are engineered specifically for the location they’ll be placed in to ensure they’re built for efficiency, flexibility, and at an affordable price.

 At Aztech Buildings, their specialisation isn’t limited to farms: they design, manufacture, and erect structures for all types of industries and users. They’re the premium shed builders in New Zealand and can be found across the country from Waikato to the bottom of the South Island. 

Aztech’s steel frame farm buildings are lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, and, most importantly, built to provide an excellent investment that will serve clients for many years. Aztech takes pride in ensuring that the installation process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible by asking clients about their specific needs and guiding them through the design process.

 In need of a farm shed to store machinery, stock feed, or to keep animals protected? Aztech has got you covered with a straightforward approach that delivers outstanding value for money. They also provide sheep and goat housing among other specific farm building needs. Visit their website for more information.

Farm Sheds for Sale BOP

Alpine Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds NZ

Farm Sheds BOP


Alpine Farm Sheds is owned & operated within New Zealand, supplying the fastest and easiest to install kitset farm sheds on the market. We are a family owned business, with the founding director having more than 45 years practical experience.

After a long time in the building industry, Alpine Industries was started by the current owners in the early 1990’s manufacturing letterboxes and doing general building work, which quickly progressed to kitset farm buildings and farm sheds. 

Alpine was the first company in New Zealand to supply ‘truly complete’ kitset farm sheds and pole sheds for sale. .

We still continue this tradition of excellence, and continuous development takes place to ensure our farm sheds are the easiest and fastest on the market to install – we sell out farm sheds to Farmers, Ag Contractors, Fencing Contractors, Engineers, and Earthmoving Businesses.

 If you require a quality, strong AND birdproof farm shed anywhere in New Zealand, the team at Alpine Buildings are ready to help you with your project.

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Farm Sheds For Sale Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds Hawkes Bay


Fair Dinkum Farm Sheds started out in 1990 as a family owned and operated business and is now proudly owned by Fletcher Building. Fair Dinkum Sheds has continued to flourish. 

Today, Fair Dinkum Sheds has over 130 distributors in Australia and distributor networks across NZ, Fiji, theUK and South Africa.

 Fair Dinkum Sheds is widely recognised as one of the largest networks of Cold Formed Steel Building distributors in Australasia, with a proven history of success for the past two decades.

Fair Dinkum Sheds have been providing practical sheds to do the job without breaking the bank for over 18 years and have sold over 150,000 sheds in Australasia.

Fair Dinkum Sheds supply quality steel buildings and is the first company in NZ to have received the Australian independent ShedSafe™ accreditation. All Fair Dinkum Sheds are designed to meet the New Zealand Building Code as well as all relevant New Zealand Standards.

The components that comprise our sheds, barns, garages, carports, industrial buildings and homes are made in New Zealand. 

The materials are also sourced from New Zealand – except for some of the largest frames, made from imported coil, because NZ steel does not produce the thicker materials used to build the strongest sheds in the Cold Rolled Form Steel market.

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Farm Sheds For Sale Tasman District

Goldpine Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds Tasman District


Goldpine Farm Sheds has been designing farm buildings and Farm Sheds since 1989. That means over 30 years of experience in all things farm building. During all this time we have learnt a thing or two and witnessed many changes in the farm building market. 

Dealing with these changes and listening to our customers, means our farm building range and Pole Sheds for Sale and options have evolved such that today we have the ideal option for you, no matter what size your build! 

Come into store or give us a call and let our Farm Building Specialists find the best value option for you!

We have an extensive standard kitset range, or our Farm Building Specialists can design your shed to your exact size and specification requirements. 

30 years of experience in all things farm building allowed us to streamline and perfect our processes to ensure an enjoyable, stress free experience for our customer from the design of their farm building right through to delivery.

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Farm Sheds For Sale North Canterbury

Total Span Farm Sheds

farm sheds

Farm Sheds North Canterbury


Here at Totalspan Farm Sheds North Canterbury, we’re proud to be a local company – in fact, our entire team live in the area, including owners Jamie and Ellen Petersen. 

When it comes to garages, farm sheds, barns and commercial buildings, there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do. Our plans can be fully customised, allowing us to tailor a solution just for you.

We know things are challenging right now, and that every decision counts. That’s why we are here to help you find the right building solution. 

When it comes to garages, sheds, barns and commercial buildings, there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do. Our plans can be fully customised, allowing us to tailor a solution just for you. Make an enquiry with us above and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss your new build.

Jamie and Ellen Petersen, the owners of Totalspan North Canterbury, are a dynamic duo. Jamie has over ten years’ experience in building Totalspan steel buildings in North Canterbury, the South Island and in Queensland, therefore he knows the product inside out. Jamie is a qualified carpenter and a Licenced Building Practitioner. 

This means that you can have peace of mind that your build is in very capable and experienced hands. Additionally, Jamie has experience in all roles of the North Canterbury Totalspan branch including project management, sales and business management. He prides himself on offering a quality product, from concept to completion that will meet your individual requirements. 

Ellen is a registered school teacher and has taught students in both New Zealand and Australia. She has also proved her commitment to the business by studying a Masters degree in Business Management at the University of Canterbury. This means that not only will you be receiving expert advice, you can rest assured that the service comes with understanding, honesty and integrity.

We provide free no obligation quotes, with an on site visit consultation. Your project will be handled by us from start to completion; covering earth works, building consent, concrete pad and fit outs or we can provide a Kitset only. We build to any size, to any requirement, to any budget at a timeframe to suit you. 

Our experienced staff have in depth knowledge of local council requirements meaning a stress free experience for you. You can sleep easy knowing that a true professional is in charge of building your new garage, sleepout, shed, workshop or home.

We care about our staff, you and your family so we have a site specific Health and Safety system in place. To ensure your peace of mind, your building is insured with us while under construction. Our rural building contractors are well experienced, efficient and uphold a high standard of workmanship on every job – big or small.

Quality control checks are carried out throughout the build process to ensure your investment project runs smoothly. We stand behind our products with an industry leading 25 year structural guarantee, and a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

Totalspan is backed by one of New Zealand’s leading building companies with over 40 years industry experience.
Totalspan North Canterbury supports local communities, having supplied and built Under Cover Kids bus shelters as well as sponsors of Rangiora Pony Club and Woodend Netball Club.

We expect to give the best service and provide a stress free process to every customer, every time.

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Farm Sheds For Sale Otago

Sheds 4 U - Farm Sheds


We supply you with a kitset farm shed that allows you to build a strong, waterproof shell – the internal design of your farm shed can be modified in any way that suits your budget or ideas. A chat with your builder will give you an idea of what that might cost.

Sheds4u sheds have 50-year durability and are built for high wind zones as standard. All our kitsets farm sheds and pole sheds for sale are quick to erect, and we have a network of builders nationwide who can help you get the shed of your dreams.

We have also teamed up with Coloursteel and Dominator, well-known brands to supply our cladding and doors.

Get your shed, your way, anyway and anywhere with Sheds4U.

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Farm Sheds For Sale Southland

Versatile Farm Sheds


What began as a family Farm Shed business in 1976, remains a family-run business over 40 years later.

Since its inception, Versatile’s values – an unwavering focus on quality, reliability, and innovation across all products and solutions; an honest, down-to-earth approach to business; a genuine commitment to meaningful, long-term partnerships; and striving to provide an exceptional experience for our customers – have been central to the business from when we were a small, local manufacturer to a large market leader.

A New Zealand family business, with a network of local Franchisees nationwide, Versatile has an eye to the future. In an industry that has struggled over the last few years, Versatile continues to be a safe pair of hands to build a stronger New Zealand, now, and in the future.

Farming is the backbone of New Zealand, and, as a proud Kiwi company, it’s an industry we’re particularly familiar with. We’ve been designing and constructing quality farm buildings, Farm Sheds, and Pole Sheds since the mid-70s, during which time we’ve learned a lot about this beautiful – but sometimes unforgiving – land.

Our Utility ShedsLean-To’sHeritage Barns and Gable Roof farm buildings have all been designed with this unique environment in mind. They’re built to last, with durable materials and expert craftsmanship ensuring they can withstand anything the elements throw their way.

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Farm Sheds

Farm sheds play a crucial role in the agricultural industry in New Zealand. These structures provide essential storage space for machinery, equipment, and farm supplies, as well as shelter for livestock.. By understanding the importance of farm sheds, we can appreciate how they contribute to the efficiency and productivity of agricultural operations in the country.

Farm sheds in NZ come in various forms to meet the diverse needs of farmers. One common type is the open-sided farm shed or Pole Shed, which is primarily used for storing machinery and equipment. These sheds provide protection from the elements while allowing easy access to the stored items. They are often spacious and can accommodate large agricultural vehicles, such as tractors and harvesters. Another type of farm shed is the enclosed structure, which serves as housing for livestock and storage for feed and supplies. These sheds are designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for animals, protecting them from extreme weather NZ conditions. They also offer ample space for storing animal feed, fertilizers, and other farming essentials. Moreover, multi-purpose farm sheds are gaining popularity in NZ. These versatile structures serve various functions, such as housing animals, storing equipment, and providing workspace for farmers. They are designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing New Zealand farmers to customize the space according to their specific needs. This type of shed offers convenience and efficiency by consolidating multiple functions into a single structure.

Farm sheds in NZ are built to withstand the country’s unpredictable weather conditions. They are constructed using durable materials like steel or timber, ensuring their longevity and resistance to harsh elements. These materials provide strength and stability to the structure, protecting the contents of the shed. The design of farm sheds also takes into consideration the need for proper ventilation. Ventilation systems, such as windows, vents, and roof openings, are incorporated to regulate temperature and airflow within the shed. This is particularly important for enclosed sheds housing livestock, as it helps maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for the animals. Furthermore, the roofing options for farm sheds in NZ are carefully chosen to provide maximum protection. Corrugated iron is a popular choice due to its durability and ability to withstand heavy rain and strong winds. Polycarbonate sheets are also used for roofing, allowing natural light to enter the shed while providing insulation and UV protection.

The benefits of farm sheds in NZ are manifold. Firstly, they offer protection to valuable equipment and machinery. By storing these items in sheds, farmers can ensure their longevity and minimize the risk of damage caused by exposure to the elements. This not only saves money on repairs or replacements but also ensures that the equipment is readily available for use when needed. Secondly, farm sheds provide shelter for livestock, ensuring their well-being and productivity. By offering a comfortable and safe environment, these sheds contribute to the overall health and happiness of the animals. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and better quality products for farmers.