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Fencing Contractors Northland

AJW Fencing Contractors Northland

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


AJW Fencing Contractors Northland is a small, experienced, owner-operated farm fencing business based in Mangawhai, 1 hour north of Auckland. Fencing Contractors Northland.  

For years, we’ve been serving fencing farm properties from Riverhead all the way up to Whangarei in Northland. We have all the equipment needed for any type of farm fencing project in Northland large or small – steep hill country, Large farms, subdivisions, lifestyle blocks, or residential properties.

Our Northland Fencing Contractors can plan and build stockyards to meet any requirements.

Whether it’s a Stockyard for large farming operations or just a basic sheep pen for your lifestyle farm, we have the knowledge and skill to complete any and all tasks.

Please contact us on 021 232 1572

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Fencing Contractors Wellsford

CPC Fencing Contractors Wellsford

Fencing Contractors

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


CPC Farm Fencing Contractors Wellsford started contract fencing 25 years ago as CPC Contracting. We have provided fencing throughout Northland in the many challenging environments that the north has to offer.

Phil and Donna met in 2011 and re-branded the company in 2013 to CPC Fencing Limited and also started Mid North Fencing Limited in 2019, this Company has been set up to complete 90kms of conventional fencing for the Auckland Motorway extension NX2 Fletcher/Acconia project Puhoi to Warkworth. Fencing Contractors Wellsford.

Phil and Donna are on the National Board of Fencing Contractors New Zealand, the industry body for Fencing Contractors. Phil is the President of the Board. Phil and Donna are very passionate about the industry and love giving back to an industry that has been good to them.

Contact Phil today on 027 274 4188

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Fencing Contractors North Waikato

Farm Force Fencing Contractors

fencing contractors North Waikato

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


Do you have a farm Fencing requirement in the Auckland and North Waikato area? Farm Force Fencing can do it!  

Your local agricultural farm services specialists, our North Waikato fencing contractors have many years of industry experience behind us. We offer many Farm Services, such as Farm Fencing and Wooden Gates to Water Tanks, no job is too big or too small for our team. 

We also take pride in being the trusted fencing contractors in Franklin and Fencing Contractors North Waikato. We strive to be the leading provider of farm fencing solutions in New Zealand. 

Reliable service and quality workmanship are what we are all about, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more info and a free Fencing quote!
Phone Ivan today on 021 963 209

Fencing Contractors South Waikato

Tier 1 Fencing Contractors.

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


Tier 1 Fencing Contractors South Waikato is a Kiwi veteran-owned and operated business based out of Te Awamutu which serves local and the greater South Waikato. 

Corey Hutchison served 14 years in the New Zealand Army and the wider Defense Force including several operational deployments before returning to Te Awamutu to start his own fencing business in South Waikato.

Corey enjoys serving the community and the sense of pride that comes with completing a farm fence and having happy customers. He builds farm and lifestyle block fences in Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and the greater Waikato region.

Our South Waikato fencing contractors can help with Lifestyle Block Fencing and large-scale farm fencing.

Call Corey today at 021 037 3685

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Fencing Contractors BOP

LBC Fencing Contractors BOP.

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


LBC Fencing Contractors BOP is locally owned and operated by Craig and Katrina Hancock.

“We came over to the Bay of Plenty from the Waikato region and wanted to share our expertise. We take pride in offering a Farm Fencing service that is based on your needs.

We listen and we consult with you on your BOP fencing requirements, as well as provide expert advice on what would be great for your property and how to get the best results possible.”

With over 25 years of farming experience in the BOP, specialising in two fields (dairy cows and dairy goats), firsthand building and construction experience combined with a Diploma in Advanced Farm Business Management they are the people to see if you want your property to be properly cared for. 

Call Craig today on 027 448 4688

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Fencing Contractors Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay Fencing Contractors LTD


If you’re looking for Fencing Contractor for a  a new fence or gate, or both, Hawkes Bay Fencing Ltd is the best choice in fencing contractors for you. You’ll find stunning and functional designs, the finest quality products and a great range of options to suit all your fencing needs. 

No project is too big or too small. With Hawkes Bay Fencing Ltd, every fence is expertly installed by a professional and experienced fencing installer.
Give Hawkes Bay Fencing a call and we can come to you to organize a quote throughout the Hawkes Bay area, including outlying rural and coastal areas, Taupo, central Plateau regions, Wairoa and Gisborne.
Call Gordan today on 0274 505 230

Fencing Contractors Nelson NZ

Higgins Fencing Contractors Nelson

Fencing Contractor

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


Higgins Fencing Contractors Nelson -As farmers ourselves, we understand stock behaviour and can give the best advice in relation to how animals will run according to the terrain. 

We will construct stock fencing using timber or steel posts, batten and wires or netting. We design and erect cattle and sheep yards as well as horse arenas. Our services also include riparian fencing, flood gate construction and installation to assist with waterways management on your farm.

Established in 1999 in response to growing farm fencing demand in the Nelson Tasman region, Phil Higgins started Higgins Fencing Contractors Nelson to provide professional fencing services for a wide range of applications in residential, commerical, vineyard, horticulture and lifestyle blocks.  

His eldest son, Sam, joined the Nelson Fencing company in 2007 and together with a strong crew they cover the Top of the South Island for all types of fencing projects.

Contact Sam today on 021 222 5030

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Fencing Contractors North Canterbury

Rural and Lifestyle Fencing Contractors


Fencing Contractors North Canterbury -There are mainly two reasons for a fence; to keep something in or out! You may have a large paddock of barley or a small vegatable patch, that you want to keep animals out of, or cattle, sheep, horses, or other animals you want to keep in.

North Canterbury based Rural and Lifestyle Fencing is your one stop fencing contractor. We can take care of your Rural Fencing requirements from design through to completion.

 All types of stock and farm fencing and yards – Deer, Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Alpaca, Dog Runs, Horse Arena’s, Entranceways, Drives, Post and Rail, Repairs and Maintenance, Installation of Stock Water and Irrigation Systems

In addition we can remove old hedges and fences,level fence lines,rip tree lanes, dig trenches, carry out ground preparation, and much more! 

Contact Andy today on  027 416 5261

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Fencing Contractors Selwyn District

Allison Fencing Contractors


Allison Fencing Contractors Selwyn -A property’s fence defines its borders and provides function, protection and personality – but more importantly a fence needs to be strong and durable to last the test of time and withstand all the elements mother nature will throw at it.

I have been in the fencing industry since 2004, learning the trade in both rural and residential fencing before starting Allison Fencing in 2011. Since then I’ve developed my skills further in a wide range of different fencing styles including: deer fencing and yards; full dairy conversions; great looking macrocarpa post and rail fences; dressed front of house fences for great street appeal; pergolas and much more. Fencing Contractors Selwyn District.

I pride myself on my work ethic and attention to detail with a focus on quality products and build – no job too big or small. I use high-quality well maintained tools and machinery and currently run a side mount post driver on a four wheel drive tractor with loader, a 2.5 tonne digger service and an airless spray painting unit for professional fence staining.

Contact Can today on 021 542 446

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Fencing Contractors Otago

Lake Fencing Contractors Otago

lake fencing contractors NZ

Farm and Lifestyle Fencing


Lake Fencing Contractors Otago – is owned and operated by Willie and Courtney Lake.  The family fencing business was established by Willie’s father Ken Lake over 18 years ago. Having lived and farmed in Central Otago their entire lives, they can provide clients with friendly expert knowledge and advice.

Our Otago Fencing team consists of Willie Lake, Ken Lake, Mitchell Lake & Gerald Gordon. Lake Contracting is an accredited fencing contractor through the FCANZ. We provide quality fencing at a Nationally recognised standard focusing on best practice standards. 

 We are even qualified to handle explosives used for our Otago rocky conditions. We hold health and safety in high regard and practice health and safety policies and procedures.
All of our Otago Fencing Contracting staff have first aid training.

Call Willie on 027 326 4375

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Fencing Contractors Southland

Southern Fencing Contractors


Fencing Contractors Southland  -Using the best quality products and materials, we can construct and erect cyclone, barbed wire, electric or timber fences around your property, giving you the peace of mind that your farm or rural area is secure and safe. 

When it comes to safety, quality is paramount, so make sure you choose the leading fence installation team in the Southern Lakes and surrounding areas.

Mike started fencing contracting company in Southland when he was at the young age of 15. He spent his time and learnt his skills off Gordon Hanson in the Hawke’s bay, a multiple golden pliers finalist.

Gordon saw the need for farm fencing in Southland to be recognized nationally as a qualification and shortly after it became a National Certificate. Mike was one of the first to obtain the NZQA qualification in fencing level 2,3,4,5.

With 15 years farm fencing industry experience in Southland and this knowledge & these skills Mike will guarantee your farm fence will be built to the highest suitable standard.

Call  Mike today on 021 103 5139

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fencing contractors nz


Fencing contractors play a crucial role in ensuring the security and aesthetic appeal of residential, rural and commercial properties in New Zealand. With their expertise in fence installation and repair, these professionals offer a range of services to meet the diverse needs of their clients. This essay will explore the services provided by fencing contractors in New Zealand, the factors to consider when hiring them, and the importance of entrusting this task to professionals.

Fencing contractors in New Zealand provide a comprehensive range of services to cater to the different requirements of lifestyle property owners and farmers. One of the primary services offered by these professionals is the installation of various types of fences. Whether it is a wooden, metal, or vinyl fence, fencing contractors have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure a secure and visually appealing installation. They are well-versed in the different techniques and materials required for each type of fence, ensuring that the installation is sturdy and long-lasting. In addition to installation, fencing contractors also offer repair and maintenance services for existing fences. Over time, fences may suffer from wear and tear due to weather conditions or accidental damage. Fencing contractors have the expertise to assess the extent of the damage and provide suitable repair solutions. They can replace broken boards, fix loose posts, and mend any other issues that may compromise the functionality and appearance of the fence. Regular maintenance by these professionals can also help prolong the lifespan of the fence and prevent costly repairs in the future. Moreover, fencing contractors in New Zealand understand that each property has unique requirements. Therefore, they offer customization options to meet the specific needs of their clients. Whether it is adding decorative elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fence or incorporating additional security features, these professionals can tailor the fence design to align with the client’s preferences and property requirements. This level of customization ensures that the fence not only serves its primary purpose but also complements the overall look and feel of the property.

When it comes to hiring a fencing contractor in New Zealand, there are several factors that property owners should consider. Firstly, experience and expertise in the field of fence installation and repair are crucial. An experienced fencing contractor will have a deep understanding of the various types of fences, their installation techniques, and the common challenges that may arise during the process. This expertise enables them to deliver high-quality workmanship and ensure that the fence is installed or repaired to the highest standards. Secondly, reputation and positive customer reviews are essential indicators of a reliable fencing contractor. Property owners should seek recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have recently had fences installed or repaired. Online platforms and review websites can also provide valuable insights into the reputation of different fencing contractors. By choosing a contractor with a solid reputation and positive customer feedback, property owners can have confidence in the quality of work they will receive. Lastly, licensing and insurance are crucial considerations when hiring a fencing contractor. A licensed contractor ensures that they comply with local building codes and regulations, guaranteeing that the fence installation or repair meets the necessary standards. Insurance coverage is equally important as it protects both the property owner and the contractor in the event of any accidents or damages that may occur during the project.