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Hay Contractors Wellsford

Mike Webber Contracting

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Mike Webber Hay Baling Contractors

Based in Wellsford, Mike Weber Contracting is owned and operated by Ag Contractors Mike and Lisa Weber.

 Born and raised on a farm, farming is in Mike’s blood. Since leaving school at 15, Mike’s been working in the farming and machinery industry ( Ag Contracting )and loving every minute of it. Lisa is the brains behind the scene and manages the administration side of the business.

 Having owned Mike Weber Ag Contracting, previously known as EPSAM (Effluent Pond Servicing & Maintenance Ltd), for over ten years, Mike’s team of farm contractors can be relied upon to get the job done right.

From cultivation to erosion hay,Farm fencing to mowing, spraying to mole ploughing, we’ll take care of all your farming jobs. 

With no job too big or too small, we’ll put our experienced hands and reliable machinery to anything which needs doing. We’re based in Wellsford but will travel around Rodney and North Auckland to assist with your agricultural contracting requirements.

Phone Mike Webber ag contracting on 022 109 0764

Hay Baling Contractor Nth Waikato

Reymer Agriculture


Reymer Hay Baling Contractors

A third generation family business, Reymer Ag Contractors was established in the 1960s by the late John Reymer Senior.

Reymer Agriculture provided farming and haymaking services to local farmers in the Tihiroa region, just 10km south of the current depot in Pirongia.
John was highly innovative, being one of the first in NZ to use Massey Ferguson tractors, having the first loader wagon in NZ, and continuing the trend of helping the community grow.

John’s son Bill took over the An Contractors business in the 1970s, evolving Reymer Agriculture from conventional hay to round-bailed silage, and introducing methods such as direct drilling and undersowing. Bill had one of the first Massey Ferguson cab tractors in NZ, establishing Reymer Ag’s reputation of having the best equipment available, which continues today.

Introducing a third generation was up to Bill’s two son’s Chris and Mike. Growing up with the industries of machinery and farming in their blood, Chris and Mike entered the business in 2005. This followed Mike spending eight years in the UK, dairy farming, working on family farms, and general farming contracting work, helping him establish his own values and experiences from a different perspective, and incorporating them into Reymer AG.

After a short dairy farming career, Chris also traveled to Australia and the UK, driving for different farmers and contractors, and gaining experience in drilling and harvesting.

Over the past 10 years, the brothers have expanded operations to encompass the full range of services from spraying out to harvest, with a fleet of modern and well-maintained equipment, and continue to work with their father, Bill, on growing Reymer Ag.

Contact Reymer Ag Contracting on 021 942 121

Hay Baling Contractors Waikato

John Austin Ag Contractors

John Austin Ag Contracting

John Austin Hay Baling Contractors

John Austin Ltd is a family owned Agricultural Contracting business located just south of Te Awamutu in the Waikato, contracting to approximately 800 customers in an area that stretches over 200km in the North Island of New Zealand. 

Though centred in the Waikato, where most of our work involves Maize and Grass, we also extend as far south as Ohakune where we grow Wheat, Barley and Oil Seed Rape.

Our ag contractors core values and commitment to total quality have been at the centre of our business since we first began serving the farming community in 1981.

Ag Contractors -John Austin Ltd has a proud history. At the age of 16 years, John began working for a local contractor, Peter Hoar, and then at age 21, he bought Peter’s business which at that time consisted of one combine, one tractor and a few implements. 

From these small beginnings, John has built the entire business through sheer hard work and commitment until now the company employs approximately 40 staff year-round and up to 65 people in our busy Spring and Autumn seasons.

John and Jackie have three children, Michael, Daniel and Hannah. Michael is currently working in the business, Daniel is studying at Waikato University and Hannah is studying Communications at AUT in Auckland 

Contact John Austin Ag Contracting on 07 872 0000

Slattery Hay Baling Contractors


Slattery Rural Contractors

Ag Contractors -The Slattery Family has been involved in Ag Contracting since the mid 1950’s, starting with Roger’s father and uncle, Paul and Ray, they made Hay and cultivated land, sometimes breaking in land many miles away from home. 

Roger’s mother ran the farm, took the phone calls from Clients, organised the hay gangs, and looked after the 5 Slattery Children. Roger took over the business in the early 1980’s.

The business has grown from harvesting conventional hay bales, ploughing and Undersowing to the wide range of services that Slattery Contracting Ltd can offer their clients now and into the future. 

The Slattery family has had a long association with Matamata and a longer association with Rural Contracting.

Back in the mid 1950’s Paul and Ray Slattery started to bale conventional hay and cultivate paddocks. Paul’s wife Justine answered the phone, took the bookings, organized the workers, ran the farm, milked the cows and raised the five Slattery Children while the boys were off baling hay.

In the early days when times were tough it was common for farmers to work off their bill, driving the hay balers or hay bob for the Slattery Brothers, as it was known then.

A couple of workers from back in the day continued their association with the Slattery’s when Roger took over in the early 1980’s, and are still clients to this day.

Merv West remembers when Ray and Paul tendered for a Tractor from Waikeria Prison. One afternoon they got a trailer from the hire centre, after Ray called the prison and was told not to pick up the tractor that day.

The boys and their brother Pat, along with Merv headed off. When they arrived the prison guard was not a happy camper but Ray blamed Jim, their “phantom” brother for not passing on the message. 

The boys managed to get the front wheels onto the trailer but couldn’t get the rear wheels up. The prison officer was beside himself when they drove off, with the tractor only halfway on the trailer. 

Heading up through Kihikihi the boys spotted a farmer in a paddock with a Front end loader on the tractor, they wandered over to him and asked for help. When he saw the tractor hanging off the end of the trailer he commented that it was lucky the tractor had fallen off the trailer just there, little did he know that they had driven from Waikeria like that.

Merv worked for the Slattery Brothers in the early 1970’s and since 1968 has had the Slattery Family doing his Ag Contracting when he started share milking.

The Late Bruce Stanley recalled driving for the Slattery’s in the 1970’s, with his tractor and mower. He had come from a lovely flat farm and got an education on how to mow hills at Jack Elliot’s farm (now Alexander’s/Hobbiton)

We also have large trucks that can transport Transportable Homes 

 “Paul used to drive out to see me with the biggest smile on his face and call out “Dr Livingston I presume” and every time Paul sees Bruce Stanley to this day he says the same greeting. “It has been the most amiable relationship and great to work with both generations”.

And there are clients that have been working with the Slattery family for 50 years to produce hay and in later year’s silage. When talking to D.J. O’Sullivan recently he said “I have been in Matamata for 50 years, and any contracting done in that time was done by the Slattery’s.” He recalled price negotiations around his kitchen table with Ray and Paul and a crate or two of something.

Contact Slattery Ag Contracting on 07 888 8647

Jackson Hay Baling Contracting

Jackson Ag Contracing working

Jackson Hay Baling Contracting

Ag Contractors -Jackson Contracting (JCL) is based near Tauhei between Morrinsville and Gordonton.  We provide agricultural contracting services throughout the Waikato.  

We provide a full Grass and Maize Service, including, mowing, raking, baling, loader wagon, chopping, Precision Maize planting, side dressing and chopping with yield maps, Cultivations and drilling and earthmoving services.  This is supported with on farm advise and discussion, regular communication and work done your way to your schedule.

Jeremy the owner has grown up with a UK farming background with his father having managed ag contractors – agricultural machinery dealerships. He has a degree in Agricultural Technology and Management from Silsoe College. Jeremy has a great deal of interest in new technology and farming techniques and passionate about bringing these systems to JCL’s customers.

He has experience in UK and Australian agricultural contracting, as well as Building. Jeremy believes that good relationships are key to providing a good service and really making a difference.

In his spare time, Jeremy can be found working on a “project car”- currently a 1989 Saab Turbo

Contact Jackson Ag Contracting on 07 887 6688

BlueGrass Hay Baling Contracting Ltd

Bluegrass Ag Contracting

Bluegrass Hay Baling Contracting LTD

BlueGrass Contracting Ltd. is a small family Ag Contracting business; Brook, John and Sally started in the late 1990’s with an innovative method to cultivate land for the forestry industry.

Blue Grass became involved in the agriculture industry in the early 2000 because of love of Cultivation and Lucerne.

We are now a major Agricultural Contracting company cultivating and harvesting large numbers of hectares in the Waikato/Taupo area. Involving Maize, Grass & Lucerne.

We are very proud of the fact that we are the preferred contractor for many of the large and very high producers in this area. Clients that require guarantee of service and supply, that focus on quality and share our philosophy of excellence.

BlueGrass is about enjoyment and satisfaction of great staff.

We believe we instruct and teach good skills, techniques and safe operating practices.

BlueGrass is about the love of tractors, equipment and new technology.

Bluegrass is about the enjoyment and relationship we get from our clients.

Finally, for us it’s all about job and client satisfaction.

Contact Bluegrass Contracting on 07 888 2885

Ireland Hay Baling Contracting

Ireland Ag Contractors NZ

Ireland Hay Baling Contracting

Ireland Ag Contractors Ltd is owned and run by Tony & Sharon Ireland with a permanent staff of around seven drivers. 

Our Ag Contactors run harvesters, loader wagons, balers, cultivation, planting and fertilizer spreading equipment, a digger and scoop for earthworks along with a fleet of trucks and tractors. 

During the busy grass and maize seasons in spring, summer and autumn our staff grows as we get experienced drivers from overseas in. We’ve been operating in the South Waikato, originally as Ireland & Bolt Contracting, for 30 years now. 

The hilly terrain provides great challenges and interesting work for us, as well as better drainage than perhaps flatter areas would have.

As well as the ag contracting side of the business, Ireland Contracting grows maize for sale & grass for silage bales on three properties located in Tirau, Putaruru and Tokoroa. Not only does this provide quality feed for our customers, but has the added benefit of also creating work for our staff.

Originally established in 1993 as Ireland & Bolt Contracting, the company was renamed Ireland Contracting in 2005 after John Bolt was bought out. 

Ireland and Bolt travelled anywhere from Bombay Hills south of Auckland to Rangitaiki on the Taupo-Napier road. Today, Ireland Contracting focuses on the South Waikato and surrounding districts, and is slowly expanding the range of services we provide.

Contact Ireland Ag Contracting on  07 886 6773

Hay Baling Contractors Bay of Plenty

Marsh Ag Contracting


Marsh Ag Contractors ( BOP )

Marsh Ag Contractors Ltd (formerly Neville Marsh Contracting Ltd) has grown into a diverse company with over 35 years of agricultural experience.

We specialise in all areas of Agricultural Contracting, with a growing field in Horticulture, allowing us to support all of our clients’ diversified needs. 

Marsh Contracting Ltd pride themselves on quality staff, workmanship, services and products, owning and running a fleet of modern tractors and machinery to obtain this. We are currently servicing throughout the Bay of Plenty, including Te Puke, Tauranga, Rotorua & Whakatane

Contact Marsh Ag Contracting at 07 533 1887

JCL Baling Contractors


JCL Contracting

Japie grew up on a 2000 ha farm in the Free State, South Africa. There, he not only managed and owned his own 613 ha cattle and sheep farm, he also operated a contracting harvesting business, running up to 5 combine harvesters.

Japie immigrated to New Zealand in September 2001 with his wife, and was employed as a dairy and dry stock farm manager. They relocated to the Bay of Plenty where Japie worked as an Operations Manager for a contracting business, before he established JCL Contracting in 2008.

JCL Contracting is committed to quality in all areas of their operations through innovation and strong service.

With life long experience in the farming and agricultural industry including 26 years experience in agricultural contracting, JCL has built up a strong solid team of expert plant and equipment operators and ag contractors who are committed to providing top quality service to farmers in the greater Bay of Plenty.

Contact JCL Ag Contracting on 021 244 9481

Hay Baling Contractors Canterbury

McCarthy Ag Contracting

Ag Contractor Canterbury NZ

McCarthy Hay Baling Contracting

Ag Contractors -McCarthy Contracting is an Agricultural Contracting business located on the outskirts of Christchurch.

The company has been operating for over 20 years and offers a wide range of agricultural services and advice. Our Ag Contractors service the wider Canterbury area including North, Mid and South Canterbury, and Banks Peninsula. We offer cartage services to and from the West Coast.

McCarthy Contracting is a member of Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ).  We are a Registered and Qualified Contractor with RCNZ.  Our trucks and drivers are all Spreadmark Certified.

At McCarthy Contracting we are committed to keeping abreast of change in business practices, not only Government requirements but also industry developments.

Contact McCarthy Contracting  03-329 6655

Woodleys Hay Contracting and Transport

ag contractor making hay in New Zealand

Woodleys Hay Contracting

We are a family owned and operated rural transport and agricultural contracting business based in the beautiful town of Geraldine, South Canterbury in the heart of the South Island.

Starting out in the early 80’s as a small one-man baling Ag Contractor business, with a TM Bedford to support the baling work, the transport company evolved by helping out a few friends as a favour to shift some stock in the off season. 

Over the years the Ag Contracting business has continued to grow and now is one of the leading rural transport and agricultural contracting companies in the area.

Today our ag contractors operate a fleet of modern, up-to-date heavy truck and trailer units, tractors and forage harvesters, continually working to keep our replacement policy up-to-date.

Alister and Nicola Woodley are very much hands on owner-operators. They are both actively involved in the business, working closely with the enthusiastic, dedicated team employed at Woodley’s, to deliver the high standard we constantly strive to achieve.

One of our main priorities at Woodley’s is to provide a specialised and experienced service for our many clients, old and new, both small and large, who have stayed loyal to us.

Today, business relationships are extremely important and its a hot topic at Woodley’s.

Contact Woodleys Contracting at  03 693 7377

Quigley Hay Baling Contracting

ag contractor

Quigley Ag Contracting employs a team of permanent staff all year round and relies on international and local staff for contracting season from the beginning of September to the end of March. Majority of staff come from the UK & Ireland, with plenty of experience and enthusiasm for the industry.

The ag contracting business is a family-owned and operated company that was established in 2003 starting out with only one baler and a manual Vee rake but with a driving philosophy “To provide the best ag contracting service in Mid Canterbury”

Contact us on 03 308 5890

May Brothers Hay Contracting


May Brothers Contracting

Methven-based ag contractors Tim and Phil May know that you reap what you sow in life. Growing up on a mid Canterbury cropping farm, Tim says that he was always keen to get off the school bus and jump onto his dad’s tractor. He’s never been afraid of hard work. Leaving school at 15, Tim and his brother Phil, bought a second hand Hesston windrower and started windrowing around the Methven area. That was 16 years ago. 

Tim says that mid Canterbury’s Small Seeds and Grass seed industry was growing and there weren’t a lot of other contractors doing it in the area at the time. “It just seemed like something that was going to take off in the future – which it has done really.”

From those early beginnings sprang May Brothers Contracting Ltd, with Tim and Phil as joint directors. The business has thrived through the brothers making the most of opportunities presented, a natural sense of innovation and a strong appreciation for the importance of reputation.

Contact May Brothers contracting at 027 699 0795

Jackson Holmes Hay Contracting


Based in the heart of Mid Canterbury between Methven and Ashburton, Jackson Holmes Ag Contractors provides the highest standard of seamless service to the Mid Canterbury district and beyond.

Their highly-skilled, experienced and passionate team of Ag Contractors offer a wide range of contracting solutions to suit a large variety of crops and conditions all year round.

We have successfully recruited many of our local seasonal staff from universities and other varied backgrounds to help us get through our busy harvest periods

We have had great ag contractors from Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Canada, USA, South Africa, India, Philippines, plus many others.

At Jackson Holmes we are very proud of our great company culture and continue to build our business around the ag contractors in it – that’s why people come from all over the world to work with us.

So if you have top-notch ag contracting skills and experience – or even if you are new to the industry and are keen to give it a go – and are keen for the summer of a lifetime in the heart of the New Zealand South Island, we want to hear from you!

Hay Baling Contractors Southland

Walling Contracting Southland Ltd


From humble beginnings with one Hesston 4750 square baler and Massey Ferguson 8140 the Ag Contracting business has now grown to provide a full range of services suitable to Southland Farmers needs. 

Ag Contractors Ben’s focus has always been on providing the best quality service and machinery and always strives to be a step ahead with new services and products all the while taking pride in the end outcome of top quality baleage and silage, thriving crops and serviceable farm lanes/ drains etc.

Our aim has never been to provide the cheapest service believing that it becomes a false economy all too frequently with a cheap job producing waste and poor quality. All our workmanship is guaranteed and our machinery well maintained and modern with a skilled team of managers and operators.

We offer services such as; Beet HarvestingBeet WashingFull pit silageWindrowingBalingFarm ConversionDrainageDirect Drilling and Cultivation.


Hughes Contracting

Established in 1986, Hughes Ag Contracting offers rural contracting services across all areas of Southland, with Depots in both Waimatua and Browns.

Hughes Contracting have a wealth of knowledge in the rural sector, and with well-maintained, modern equipment, we will ensure your job is completed on time, on budget and to a high standard.

Hughes Ag Contracting provide a range of rural services including cultivation, planting and harvesting baleage and silage, providing feed supplies, cartage and excavating and all effluent disposal services. Contact Chris to discuss your requirements today.