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Hedge Cutting Contractors Hurunui

Hedge Cutting Contractors Hurunui.

Tree Trim Hurunui


McDonnell’s Tree Trim has been around for over 30 years. What started out with Jonno McDonnell, his Echo chainsaw and fuel cans stuck in the back seat of the Hillman Hunter, has evolved into a well-established, organized shelter belt maintenance company with years of experience behind us.

Early in the history books Jonno bought Mainpower’s old Bedford bucket truck and took the boys, and various others out to help top shelter belts, fell trees and clear power lines. 

Always wanting to get a lot done in a hurry, it wasn’t long before he wanted some sort of machine to get these tree lines knocked into shape a better way. A tree trimming machine was built up on a Ford County. Slashers and saws, flails and multi saw heads all came and went through various trials and errors.

Now, the current McDonnell’s, Ashton, Suzanne, Gareth, and their team carry on the job with the 3 truck based trimmers and the benefit of hard won know-how gained over all those years. We pride ourselves on the variety of jobs we handle, the terrain we can access and the repeat work that keeps us busy year on year.

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027 238 4624 (text preferred, calls answered as often as possible)