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Claxton Tree Services

Claxton Tree Services understands that maintaining a rural property can be challenging, especially when it comes to hedge maintenance. 

That’s why they offer a Rural Hedge Maintenance plan to help you keep your farm or lifestyle block looking its best all year round.

With their team of hedge trimming experts, they can provide Hedge Cutting services in the Rodney District at agreed intervals, depending on your needs. 

Some of their rural customers opt for trimming twice a year while others prefer it quarterly. No matter what your preference is, you can trust that their team will deliver superior speed and quality performance every time.

By keeping your hedges trimmed regularly, you can prolong the time between major trimmings and ensure that your property looks great at all times.

With over three decades of experience, owner Garry Claxton and his team have the expertise and equipment to restore even the tallest and longest of hedges to a tidy display. Trust Claxton Tree Services to take care of your rural hedge maintenance needs.

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