Horse Shelters for Sale

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Horse Shelters for sale

Our Kitset Horse Shelters are easy to build and is made with New Zealand steel and can be anchored to the ground with ground screws. These Sheds are built for Horses, Alpaca shelters. Unlike wooden sheds, our Steel Horse Shelters for Sale are built to last, are easy to build, and are easy to clean.

Buy Kitset Horse Shelters from the factory and save. Our Horse Shelters for sale are made from New Zealand Steel and are Designed for lifestyle blocks and smaller rural properties.

Our Horse Shelters are built to last, easy to clean, they are fireproof – and will not rust. These  Kitset Horse Sheds and Shelters are designed for Horses and Alpacas.  

They come in two popular sizes a 3m wide by 4m deep and a 4m wide by 4m deep. Our horse shelters for sale can be attached to the ground with ground anchors

This horse shelter for sale is a  kitset is super easy to build. The cladding and flashings are supplied pre-cut and ready to attach. 

NZ Equine Vets recommend that horses have access to shelter to protect them from our NZ Weather. It is crucial to provide horses with protection from inclement weather conditions and strong sunlight.

Our Steel framing is roll-formed and fabricated from G250 Z450 grade galvanized steel coil supplied by New Zealand Steel Ltd

Our construction packs consist of framing, iron screws, cladding, flashings, and roofing iron. Our kitset sheds are designed to add value for our rural clients, providing an easy cost-effective long-term solution for housing your horses. Our Steel Horse sheds are built with New Zealand Steel and are Built to last. Why Steel Horse Sheds? 

They are Earthquake and fire-resistant.
Steel framing is fire-resistant and has been shown to have excellent earthquake resistance.  

Extremely Durable and healthy and better for animal health.
Steel framing won’t rot or support mould growth and it won’t suffer from borer or other insects. Steel framing is stable and therefore no contraction or expansion will arise from moisture changes. 

Back by a 50-year durability statement.
 with a 100% zinc coating for protection, our steel framing is backed by a 50-year Durability Statement.

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Horse Shelters for Sale

 Our Horse Shelters for Sale are as follows 4m by 3m – ready-to-go kitset = $3495.00 

The height of the Horse sheds is 2.7 at the front dropping down to 2.5 at the back. 

The internal boards are not supplied – you can buy these from Bunnings or Placemakers cheaper than we can transport them. 

These Horse shelters hold value and can be moved if you move. 

You can get one of our Horse Shelters for Sale on finance from only $18.00 a week – thanks to the team at gem finance.

Your new horse shelter will be transported to your local freight depot ready for pick up. Our current lead time is only two weeks ( Subject to change ) Please contact us regarding your local freight price.

If you have any problems putting together your new Horse shelter – Just give us a call and we can talk you through it – When you buy a shed from us you are given two handy mobile numbers –  One for any framing questions and the other for cladding and roofing questions. 

This allows you to contact us in real-time and we can troubleshoot on the spot. Even horses with thick coats will require a shelter to escape any exposure to strong wind or rain. From a physiological standpoint, horses need shade from the sun as the large body of a horse takes longer to cool down than that of a smaller-bodied animal. The same goes for the freezing weather