Large Garden Sheds for Sale

Garden Sheds for Sale

Garden Sheds for Sale


These Large Garden Sheds were originally designed for lifestyle Blocks and Horse Owners.  

These Larger Garden sheds have proven popular as larger garden sheds and for smaller workshops in a residential environment. These Garden Sheds are built with New Zealand Steel are built to last. 

These Big Garden sheds are built with New Zealand Steel Framing unlike wood, steel does not twist, warp, shrink or buckle in our sometimes Harsh New Zealand conditions. Steel is non-combustible and does not add to the fire load of the building.

This Large Garden Shed met the guidelines to be built without building consent. 

Garden Shed Prices

These Garden sheds are made with NZ Steel and designed to add value to your property. This kitset shed includes everything you need to get started excluding the foundation and wooden doors.

The wooden doors are made from plywood and fixed onto a steel frame. The cost to transport you the sheet of plywood would cost more than the plywood itself. These garden sheds are sold as a kitset.

The price for this kitset Garden Shed is only $6995.00 inc gst + freight. Upon receiving payment your shed will take around two weeks to be made ( This could change due to the increasing workload on our roofing suppliers )  

Freight cost – North Island $500.00 and the South Island $600.00.

Internal heights: 2.4m on the low side, 2.8m on the high side. From the ground to the underside of the overhang it is 2.85m and the doorway height is 2.2