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The Farmers Directory

“The Farmers’ Directory has been used by thousands of farmers and rural folk for the last 25 years.

 Many of our great advertisers have been with us from the start, and we never take them for granted.

The directory has over 600 visitors a week, comprising of Dairy Farmers, Lifestyle Block Owners, Sheep and Beef Farmers, and Mixed Cropping Farmers.

 Farmers’ Directory has delivered leads to businesses from day one and produces more leads than ever, leading to more work and increased sales. In fact, most of our advertisers only advertise with us. 

The Farmers’ Directory has the largest database of Ag Contractors and Farmers in New Zealand. 

It is updated every year to ensure that the content is relevant and fresh, and the contact details are always up-to-date. 

The rural market is significant. There are around 76,000 commercial farms in New Zealand and 175,000 lifestyle blocks. Currently, over 81,000 people work in the Agricultural sector in New Zealand.”

Market your Business on the Farmers Directory

” Our advertising campaigns run for a minimum of six months. 

We only promote two businesses per region per category to ensure your return on investment.

6 Months the prepaid price is $847.00 + GST 

12 Months the prepaid price is $1198.00 + GST 

This includes a full page on The Farmers Directory, photos, a story, your Facebook page, a contact form, a link to your website, and contact details. 


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We also promote your business directly to our Facebook followers, done via Facebook GEO targeting instead of a post on the main Facebook feed. If you would like to secure a space, please fill out the form below.”

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