Rural Fencing Contractor Taranaki.

Daryn Laurence Farm and Lifestyle Block Fencing.

Looking for a farm fence to keep your horse at bay and in its place? Need a security fence to secure your property and keep unwanted intruders out of your stuff? We have a broad range of farm fences on offer: from portable fences for gigs and events to more permanent security fences, pet containment fences, horse fences, temporary fences and more. So, if you’re looking for a fence to keep stuff in or keep intruders out, there’s no better place than Darlyn Laurence Fencing! Phone us today and explore our range of Rural fencing solutions! 

Daryn Laurence Fencing is the Taranaki rural fencing expert and is the finest team of fencing contractors you will ever hope to find. With years of experience designing and installing all kinds of different fencing solutions, we have the experience and expertise you need to get the best fencing set up for your needs. We’re committed to designing and choosing the best fencing set up for your requirements. Through dealing directly with manufacturers we can help get you the very best deal on your fencing needs. Explore our range of fences and more, call Daryn Laurence Fencing!


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