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Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Septic Tank Cleaning Services.

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BOI Septic cleans and services a wide variety and sizes of septic tank systems in Northland. The Far North District Council recommends a clean-out every five years, however, time frames vary due to the size of the tank and the number of people utilizing the property. 

Regular tank cleaning services will help with the life span of your system and help avoid internal blockages due to an excessive buildup of waste. We are council-approved to clean and inspect your septic tank. 

We do all the paperwork for you! Fully insured and FNDC health and safety approved. Prices vary depending on the location of the tank, contact us today for a price estimate!

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Septic Tank Cleaning Services Auckland

Septic Tank Cleaning Rodney District


Macjimray cleans both residential septic tanks and commercial septic tanks no matter what system you have. All of our drivers have extensive experience in the drainage and sewage industry and are capable of diagnosing and finding a solution to fix any problems you may have.

We are also happy to give you a rundown of what system you have and how it works.

Timely maintenance of your septic tank and septic tank cleaning services helps to prolong the life of your septic system and prevents the need for costly septic repairs or replacement.

We provide septic tank cleaning services in most areas in the Rodney and Kaipara districts including Whakapirau, Pahi, Paparoa, Maungaturoto, Kaiwaka, Mangawhai, Langs, Te Arai, Tomarata, Te Hana, Wellsford, Port Albert, Tapora, Tauhoa, Pakiri, Ahuroa, Glorit, Leigh, Matakana, Warkworth, Snells Beach, Martins Bay, Scotts Landing, Algies Bay, Sandspit and Mahurangi West.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Franklin District


Septiclean recommends cleaning rural septic tanks every 3-5 years depending on how many people occupy your dwelling. Regular septic tank cleaning prevents damage to your drainage lines which will result in overloading and eventually blockage.

We are experienced in emptying and cleaning the larger domestic wastewater treatment systems in the Franklin District including Hynds, Oasis, Septech, Biocycle, Devan, and Cleanstream.

The procedure for emptying these types of systems is not the same as for a standard septic tank and costly damage can be done to them if they are not emptied correctly – we prodide septic tank cleaning services Auckland Wide.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Services Waikato

Septic Tank Cleaning Te Awamutu


It is critical to service and clean your tank on a regular basis, 3 – 5 yearly by an experienced Septic Tank Cleaning Business. Here at Allens United, we have been servicing our rural and lifestyle clients for the past 35 years.

We know how to clean your tank properly; the sludge and scum must be removed from your septic tank to avoid the costly expense of solids entering your effluent field, requiring replacement before its time.

Our operator will dig up your tank(s) lid(s), remove the contents of your septic tank with our powerful suction truck units, leave a small layer of sludge (healthy bugs) on the button of the tank, inspect the tank for any defects, and report these back to you, clean the tank filter and tidily reinstate the area for you – we provide septic tank cleaning services Waikato Wide. 

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Septic Tank Cleaning Central Waikato


Septic tank cleaning and liquid waste water disposal since 2003, Effluent Services is experienced in providing reliable, high-quality service and maintenance to septic systems throughout Waikato.

Effluent Services is totally committed to the management of Domestic & Industrial Liquid Waste with a strong emphasis on Environmental and Health & Safety policy.

Effluent Services, based in central Waikato, operates ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment capable of completing all forms of vacuum pump requirements to perfection in the quickest possible time.

If you require any of the below services, please do not hesitate to contact us. 0800 333 583 / 24hrs
We guarantee to undertake a high standard of performance and will advise on any difficulties or problems we may discover.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Services Bay of Plenty

Septic Tank Cleaning BOP District

Petes Takeaways have been emptying and cleaning septic tanks in the wider Bay of Plenty region for over 40 years. 
We have seen how septic tanks have evolved over time, and bring the experience and expertise necessary to be able to deal with all types of septic tanks, from the traditional concrete tanks to modern multi-chamber septic systems.
Septic tanks should be emptied and maintained on a regular 3-4 yearly cycle (for an average sized family of four). This may be required more frequently depending on the septic tank size and the number of people living on the property.
Petes Takeaways has an extensive database of most septic tanks throughout the Bay of Plenty and the surrounding area, many of which we have serviced since the early 1980s. 
Our database has detailed information for most septic tank locations in the Bay of Plenty. This information is available remotely to our operators which allows Petes Takeaways to access the property, locate the septic tank and get the job done, with the minimum disruption to our customers.
Petes Takeaways can also certify and issue a septic tank warrant of fitness, as required by Environment Bay of Plenty.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services Hawkes Bay

Septic Tank Cleaning Napier


At Flanders Waterpower we have a wide variety of waste disposal and septic tank cleaning services available including removal of waste, wet or dry vacuum loading, removal of industrial, oil, and farm wastes, grease trap sumps, disposal of tallows & fats plus septic tank maintenance.

Flanders Water Power are specialists in the greater Hawke’s Bay area for unblocking drains and sewer cleaning; and we’re proud to be reputed for our quality workmanship, cost-effective services plus our approach in using knowledge and efficiency to complete your task.
At Flanders Water Power we’ve got the know-how and the team to assist you with all your drain, septic tank waste and water supply needs at your residential, commercial, industrial or rural premises. 

As owner operators we come from a background in plumbing services, so we know drains and how to get your irrigation, septic tank & water systems flowing freely. 

Starting when Flanders Waste was established in 1990 to cater to your waste removal needs, then in 2000, we expanded our offerings to provide you with high-powered hydro jet cleaning and unblocking services.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services Nelson / Malborough

Waste Co Septic Tank Cleaning Nelson


When was the last time your septic tank was cleaned? If your tank isn’t working properly you might notice an unpleasant smell. You may notice your drains or toilets running slowly or not emptying fully. Or you may see pools of water or damp areas around your disposal field. 

This commitment has forced rapid growth of their offerings, procedures, facilities and professional team to handle services from medical & quarantine waste treatment, waste oil treatment, city sweeping, waste sorting on site to waste sorting at purpose-build facilities, portaloo hires and waste collection. 

WasteCo is also New Zealand’s only Diamond-Certified Toitū Envirocare waste solutions company, serving councils, businesses and NGOs from Invercargill up to Nelson, making it one of New Zealand’s leading waste solution providers.

Septic tanks laws and local Goverment.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Services Canterbury

Robson Environmental


Robson Environmental is a family-run business started by Murray Robson and first registered in 2001. Today the business is manned by Murray, as well as his sons Justin and Keiran ensuring that you can always deal directly with the owners regardless of who is in the office. As a family business, we will go any and everywhere we are needed in Canterbury Wide to clean septic tanks. Murray Robson’s motto is “You Fill, I Empty” and he means it.

The team at Robson Environmental has over 35 years of experience, we truly are your waste disposal solution and septic tank cleaning specialists. There are no lengths we won’t go to get the job done! No job is too big or too small, no location is too remote and you can be sure that it gets done right the first time.

Murray Robson and his team have the expertise to provide you with a service second to none when it comes to comprehensive septic tank cleaning services, including maintenance programs with contracts available.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Services Otago

Otago Vacuum Tank Services


The team at OVTS is experienced in cleaning all types and sizes of septic tanks and septic holding tanks. Our vacuum trucks range in size from 3,500Lt to 12,000Lt and are equipped with extra lengths of hose to ensure we can reach septic tanks in difficult or tight Otago locations.

Septic tanks can be emptied via the lid to the tank or the mushroom (access point to the sewer line). Our operators have a wide range of experience and knowledge to assist you with any questions you may have about cleaning your septic tank system.

A healthy septic tank is regularly cleaned every 3 to 5 years. The frequency of the septic tank cleaning cycle of your septic tank depends on a few different factors including the size and capacity of your tank, type of septic tank system, and how many people live on the property and are using the septic tank.  

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all septic tank emergencies and queries.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Services Southland

Cleanways Septic Tank Cleaning


Blocked drain? Does septic tank need cleaned? Cowshed sumps need to be cleared?

We have seven vacuum trucks that are fully equipped to clean out septic tanks, garage sumps, grease traps, and cow shed sumps with a Southland-wide service.

Our Vacuum Trucks carry up to 9,000 litres of waste, making even the toughest job easier.

Trucks can carry extra lengths of hose to ensure problematic and challenging locations can be reached.

Cleanways recommends that Septic Tanks be pumped out at least every two years for a family of five. This frequency is dependent on what is going into the system, the capacity of the tank, and the number of people living on the property at one time.

When it comes to grease trap cleaning, Cleanways provides an expert cleaning service to commercial businesses including cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars, takeaway outlets and all commercial food preparation areas.

Grease traps reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases that enter the main sewers, it is therefore very important they are cleaned regularly. These traps are usually located within the drain run that flows between the sink in a kitchen to the sewer system. They only have kitchen waste water flowing through them and are not served by any other system, such as laundries, bathrooms and toilets. 

The frequency of cleaning depends on your business and the volume of food produced, but it is suggested that it is not left any longer than three months. Under sink grease traps should be cleaned more often through as their overall volume to contain food solids and fat is less than an outside chamber grease trap.

So whatever your waste or septic tank cleaning requirements, contact Cleanways today. We offer Septic Tank Cleaning Services Southland Wide.

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Why Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned?

Maintaining a clean septic tank is an essential part of preserving the quality of the New Zealand environment. Failing to clean your septic tank can lead to clogging and blockages in the septic system that can cause the release of harmful pollutants into the surroundings. 

These pollutants can negatively impact the health of people, animals, and the local environment, as well as create foul smells and hazardous conditions. Additionally, neglecting your septic tank can lead to expensive repairs and replacements down the line.

That’s why it’s crucial to clean your septic tank regularly and promptly. Doing so will not only protect you and your loved ones but also contribute to creating a safer, healthier, and more sustainable environment for generations to come.

Different types of Septic Tanks in New Zealand.

Septic tanks are an essential part of modern sanitation systems in Rural New Zealand. These Septic tanks come in different types and sizes, and are designed to cater to diverse needs, depending on factors like the size of the household, the soil type, and the level of water usage.

 With every soil type requiring a unique approach to minimize the risk of contamination, there are several types of septic tanks available to tackle each specific set of circumstances. 

Some of the common types of septic tanks include conventional gravity septic tanks, low-pressure systems, and aerobic treatment units. Regardless of the septic tank design, it’s necessary to maintain these septic tank systems regularly to ensure that they function correctly. 

That can mean regularly pumping out solids, checking for leaks, and making sure that nothing aside from raw sewage enters the system. 

By understanding the various types of septic tanks in New Zealand, homeowners can make informed decisions about what type of system suits their specific needs best.

Talking to a local Septic Tank Cleaning Service provider is the best way to find a septic tank for your Farm or Lifestyle Block. 

How often your need to clean your Septic Tank?

Maintaining and cleaning your septic tank is an essential aspect of keeping your plumbing system in excellent working condition.

However, the frequency at which you clean your septic tank depends on various factors such as the size of the septic tank, the number of people in your household, and the volume of water used. 

NZ Experts suggest that you should schedule septic tank cleaning services every 2-3 years, but this could vary depending on your unique situation.

It is important to note that neglecting to clean your septic tank can lead to a wide range of issues such as sewage backups, foul odors, and costly repairs. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult with a professional Septic Tank Cleaning Service Provider to determine the ideal maintenance schedule for your septic tank – Farmers Directory