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OSP Stock Feed for Sale - Waikato

Stock Feed for Dairy Cows, Calves and Dairy Goats.

OSP Stock Feeds offer an extensive range of high quality stock feed supplements through strategically located storage facilities nationwide. Our Stock Feed is intended to optimise milk production within New Zealand’s pasture based system, boosting the health and welfare of dairy cows and goats.

Our products are intended to optimise milk production within New Zealand’s pasture based system, boosting the health and welfare of dairy cows and goats. Every dairy environment is unique and OSP Stock Feeds can offer products and tailored blends to suit various seasonal requirements.

Cambridge Stock Feed for Sale - Waikato

Stock Feed for Horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens and farm dogs.

Within the equine Horse Feed market, Cambridge Grains is renowned throughout the racing, sporthorse and lifestyle industry for the2 manufacturing of fresh, high quality, complete feeds. Cambridge Grains is also a major importer of British Feeds, Hygain, Mitavite and Prydes for the retail and wholesale markets.

With the variety and choices of Stock feeds, supplements, and staff knowledge; Cambridge Grains offers independent feed recommendations that focusses on the right feed for the individual horse.

Cambridge Grains offers the one stop Stock feed shop for all pet and animal owners, stocking animal feed for horses, s, cats and birds. If we haven’t got it, our team can order it.

Our pet foods include, dry feed, fresh frozen feed and treats.

Our staff pride themselves on top service and giving customers recommendations for Stock feed ensuring customers, can make an informed decision for their animal family members. Not got the time to pick up or an order is too big vehicle, don’t worry, we can deliver.

Grain and Food - Stock Feed for Sale Waikato Wide

Stock feed for Dairy Cows and Calf Meal.

Grain & Food Ltd is owned and operated by Darren and Jonathan Miers. The brothers are twins and have worked together for their entire working lives.

We also provide feed solutions to those requiring seasonal and ongoing supplements for their dairy farming operations.

in addition to our agricultural contracting Grain & Food Ltd handle earthmoving, drainage, site construction projects and farm track construction work.

We are an agricultural contracting firm located in the Waikato region of New Zealand.

Grain & Food Ltd is a company aiming to provide harvesting and contracting services to meet our clients growing demand.

South Waikato

Ireland Contracting - Stock Feed for Sale - Tokaroa

Maize for sale & Hay and silage bales for Sale in Waikato.

Ireland Contracting Ltd is owned and run by Tony & Sharon Ireland with a permanent staff of around seven drivers. We run harvesters, loader wagons, balers, cultivation, planting and fertilizer spreading equipment, a digger and scoop for earthworks along with a fleet of trucks and tractors. During the busy grass and maize seasons in spring, summer and autumn our staff grows as we get experienced drivers from overseas in. We’ve been operating in the South Waikato, originally as Ireland & Bolt Contracting, for 30 years now. The hilly terrain provides great challenges and interesting work for us, as well as better drainage than perhaps flatter areas would have.

As well as the contracting side of the business, Ireland Contracting grows maize for sale & grass for silage bales on three properties located in Tirau, Putaruru and Tokoroa. Not only does this provide quality Stock feed for our customers, but has the added benefit of also creating work for our staff.

AT Cook - Supplement Feed for Sale - South Waikato

Maize for sale & Hay and silage bales for Sale in Waikato.

We supply and deliver quality Stock Feed and supplements, where and when you need them, just give us a call and we’ll be able to help you out with a supplement feed plan.

In the mid 1980’s as a single operator with one tractor and minimal machinery, a AG contracting operation evolved.

With years of hard work and dedication to delivering quality service, the operation has expanded to a company with a large fleet of modern tractors and machinery accompanied with over thirty experienced operators.

We specialize in providing excellent service to a range of clients with diverse needs.

Bay of Plenty

Bill Webb Stock Feed for Sale - Bay of Plenty

Dairy Cow and Cattle Feed for Sale in the Bay of Plenty.

If you own a dairy farm or dry stock farm and are looking for a high-quality cattle feed supplement to increase your production levels, Bill Webb and his experienced team will help you.
Over the years they’ve worked with nearly every type of pasture, soil type and terrain and have a broad perspective of what is required. 
You deserve the best stock feed for your dairy cows, so contact the specialist farm feed suppliers at Bill Webb Feed Solutions with your enquiry and receive a tailored solution based on your individual requirements.


Denver Stock Feed For Sale - Manawatu

Dairy Feed and Stock Feed for Sale Now.

Denver Stock Feeds is a Manawatu based, New Zealand family business that produces reliable, quality supplements to meet the nutritional demands of farm animals.

For the past 18 years, we have built our business on service. We develop our products based on input from our customers.

It is our ability to listen to your needs and deliver consistently good products with efficient, personal service that separates Denver Stock Feeds from the rest. We provide dairy feed and stock feed in the Manawatu and throughout New Zealand.

We have an extensive network of delivery options and the ability to deliver our stock feed in bags or bulk into silo throughout New Zealand.

Premier Stock Feed for Sale - Manawatu

Stock Feed for Calves and Dairy Cows in the Manawatu.

Whether you are buying supplementary feed for your calves or your dairy herd, chooks or pigs, we have the products and advice. Browse our catalogue of products and place your order right here online or phone 06 323 2353

The feeding of quality, cost effective supplementary feeds to livestock in recent years has become an increasingly more acceptable means to increase animal and farm productivity and ultimately economic returns.

Manawatu Milling Limited is committed to providing, at the most competitive value in today’s market, a selection of quality supplementary Stock feeds either in meal or pelleted form, sourcing a range of imported feeds suitable for purchasing in bulk and producing products specifically to assist the calf rearer, dairy farmer and livestock producer. 


BHL Stock Feed for Sale - Taranaki

BHL Stock Feeds delivers nutritional liquid and dry feeds for New Zealand livestock.

With an extensive knowledge of farming, the year-round requirements of livestock and backed by years of product research, using BHL Feeds’ liquid and dry feeds products results in proven production increases.

Brett Mascull first formed Liquid Applications in the mid-1990s and was initially involved in the sale and application of liquid fertiliser. By giving service and providing customers what they wanted the business prospered. Brett pioneered a number of successful innovative processes including the extraction of liquids from a lime manufacturing facility for spraying on farms enabling the purcahse of the company’s first tanker/trailer unit.

As the business grew Brett became aware of the need for improvement in the bulk distribution of molasses to farmers. The company’s tanker was modified, an association was formed with a molasses importer and the company entered the market.  Farmers responded to the service and convenience and the business grew steadily.

In 2005 the fertiliser side of the business was sold to the Taverner family. The feed business was renamed BLM Holdings Ltd. BLM was a family-owned business owned by Brett and Lorinda Mascull hence the acronym BLM.

In late 2008 BLM was offered condensed distillers syrup (CDS), which is a by-product of ethanol manufacture from NSW Australia. Initially the company provided a range of molasses/CDS liquid blends. These blends allowed farmers a lower cost alternative to molasses with the added benefit of a readily available protein component in their liquid feed. CDS became an important part of BLM’s feed offerings with many customers feeding the product straight or blended with molasses and dry feeds.

Now specialising in Liquid and Dry Dairy Feed  BHL Feeds services Taranaki farmers from its premises at 21 Paraite Road, Bell Block, New Plymouth. BHL Feeds strives for higher production and better long term outcomes for our customers and their livestock.

Farmfed Stock Feed for Sale - Taranaki

Farmfeed was created to make life easier for already busy farmers nationwide. It’s designed to provide farmers with one place to source or supply farm feed.

Our job is to make communication, organisation, and delivery easy, so you can get on with everything else. We make sure that all of the farm feed we connect you with is quality product, and whether you’re buying or selling that you’ll be satisfied with our efficient, friendly service.

In 2012 Simon first dreamt up Farmfeed and in that time he’s learnt a lot. Farmers mostly found feed by searching newspaper ads or calling contractors, now all it takes is a phone call and Simon can source and transport the feed to the customer.

“Quality, service and communication is what we have built our business on”.

North Canterbury

North Canterbury Stock Feed for Sale

We are a large independently owned animal feed and pet supply store located in the rural town of Woodend. We offer you the best quality products, service and experience in North Canterbury. 

Our store caters for pet owners, lifestyle block enthusiasts, along with servicing the rural sector. The extensive product range includes: Stockfeed, Horse Feed, Bird Seed, Poultry Feed, Frozen Pet Food, Dry Pet Food and Accessories along with Animal Health supplies.

Select from our range of cold water and tropical fish along with a range of tanks and accessories.

Point of Lay Pullets are always available and day old chicks in season along with everything you need to keep your hens happy and laying.  

Come in and chat to our experienced staff, we look forward to being of service. 

Clarkville Stock Feed for Sale

Clarkville Stockfeeds use quality, local and raw ingredients where possible as well as certified mineral concentrates and supplements. It is our belief that the best feed is produced from using only top quality ingredients to ensure optimum health and performance of our customer’s animals. Our quick turnover of product ensures freshness.

For your convenience we also stock top brands including:- Coprice, Weston Milling, Topflite, Shoof, Bayer/Elanco, Infield Nutrition, Nutritech, Virbac, Future Feeds, MaxiSoy, Fiber Fresh, Speedibeet, Bio Oils, Anlamb Milk Powders, Dogpro, Bravery, Naturers Goodness, Stockhealth Ciders, Seahorse Supplements, NRG Pet supplements, just to name a few Learn more…


"The Lads" Stock Feed Suppliers - Selwyn District

For some people owning a lifestyle property may not be about becoming a farmer, but rather about enjoying life, owning a block of land, big or small. But with any amount of land comes certain jobs that are necessary. Most people don’t have either the time, skill, or equipment to do these jobs. This is where The Lads Small Farm Services can help.

The Lads Small Farm Services is a father and son team that is the result of a love of the land and a need for contracting work for small properties.

The Lads specialise in doing all the tasks on a small farm or lifestyle block that any commercial farming operation would need doing, leaving you time to enjoy the lifestyle you want to create.

Calf Starter - Calf Feed for Sale - Canterbury


Calf Starter is a molassed, protein mix, formulated as a follow-on diet to accompany liquid milk feeding. The combination of a protein and cereal energy mix and straw encourage early rumen development and growth rate, producing a calf well suited to utilising pasture at any early age. Bovatec is include as a coccidiostat to provide freedom from Coccidiosis and to enhance overall nutrient availability to maximise growth rates. Yea-Sacc is added to this diet to enhance nutrient digestibility to help rumen development and pasture adaption.

INGREDIENTS: Barley, Peas, Maize, Soya Bean Meal (48% protein), Salt, DCP 22/18 ,Limestone, Live Yeast, Bovatec 20CC (Coccidiostat), Trace Minerals and Vitamins, Molasses. Calf starter does not contain protein of ruminant origin.


DE Energy13.0 MJ/kg





Future Feeds Stock Feed - Lincoln

A bit of background about why we do our chaff the way we do! Our chaff is all cut the good old-fashioned way meaning that there is consistency in the length of fibre throughout every bag, making it more palatable for sensitive horses. 

When cutting our chaff we use an extensive dust extraction method to extract the dust in the end product. We do not add any oils or any other additives to our product it is 100% Natural, and as the dust has already been extracted there is no need to add oil to suppress this.

  We are all trying to do our bit to protect our environment and we are encouraging our customers to do the same which is why we supply our chaff in Poly Bags so they can be reused again and again. These bags are also very strong meaning they do not tear or rip easily causing the product to be damaged. 

Mid Canterbury

Enerpro Stock Feed - Calf Meal for Sale- Ashburton

Enerpro Feeds Ltd is a privately owned company established by husband and wife team, Noel and Nikki Dew in 2014.  They are now one of the foremost suppliers in the South Island specialising in customised blends, calf meal and straight commodities. At Enerpro we have the ability to custom mix our feeds to suit individual feeding requirements and to deliver consistent and reliable nutrition to maintain and improve animal production throughout the season

Our company office is based in Christchurch and our manufacturing facility is centralized to the Canterbury region of Ashburton

Enerpro work directly with you to provide the best quality feed to help you achieve the best results for your farm requirements. We are determined to provide innovative opportunities for our suppliers and customers whilst at the same time adhering to our principles of integrity and excellence.

Quigley Stock Feed - Mid Canterbury

Quigley Feeds NZ is the smaller brother of Quigley Contracting – a well-established provider of straw baling, forage harvesting, and related agricultural services. Quigley Feeds was set up to manufacture raw feed harvested by the Quigley Contracting side, and ship it to the North Island and overseas.

The Quigley brand is a family affair. Its beginnings came from a Canterbury farming family and its expansion retains this value. Our staff and our customers are treated like part of the family. We care about customer service, quality products, and making things easier for others.


The South Otago Grain Company

Located at 170 Owaka Highway, a mere two kilometres from Balclutha, the South Otago Grain Company is your one stop shop for all your animal feed requirements.
Formed by local farmers with the original concept of being a grain drying, storage and handling facility, the company has a long history of providing farmers with all they need for their stock.
​The business has grown from strength to strength, and we now provide fresh, quality food for every farm animal. Cory Loper who has just taken over from Mike Maley, looks forward to being able to provide fresh products, made in South Otago.
“All ingredients sourced locally, as much as we can,” he says.


Livestock Supplies ltd - Southland and Otago

The company was started in 1985 by Jim and Marie Marshall and was originally based in small premises in south Gore. The company expanded rapidly, meaning a shift to a larger facility ­the in Railway Street, Gore.

The company was based on the findings and philosophy of the late Brown Trotter, a South Canterbury farmer who found that despite ever increasing input of conventional fertilisers, his stock performance and farm carrying capacity was decreasing.

It was only when Mr Trotter started to supplement his soils and livestock with trace element that he started to make major advances in stock health and performance. (“The Rape of our Heritage” ­ Brown Trotter ­ Printed by the Timaru Herald ­August 1978)

Livestock Supplies expanded on the work done by Mr Trotter and found an independent soil testing laboratory in Missouri, USA, which could test

for all the major elements, total exchange capacity, base saturation percentages and trace elements.

From these soil and herbage tests, Livestock Supplies was able to formulate and supply trace element mixes to remedy soil deficiencies. Along with this, they could give totally independent advice on inputs of major elements (fertilisers) and lime.

A line of proprietary mixes of salt blocks and salt licks was also developed to counter trace element deficiencies in the soils of Otago and Southland.

Today, the business has adjusted and grown, and now produces a wide range of trace element related products and provides a host of farming related services, including BioGro organics approved products along with completely independent advice on lime fertiliser and trace element inputs.

All advisors are members of the New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science In

Clarks Stock Feed - Invercargill

Directors Allan & Garry Clarke formed Clarkes Seed & Feed Ltd in 1995, with the original aim of manufacturing & supplying Dairy & Calf feeds to an expanding Dairy Industry.

Since then Clarkes Seed & Feed have experienced strong growth and now supply Quality Stockfeeds across Southland & Otago. “No matter what you are feeding, the key to a successful stockfeed programme is… they have to eat it !! Our proven blends of special flavourings and ingredients are formulated for maximum  acceptance so your stock are getting what they need when they need it!”

With Allan Clarkes expertise in the Arable field, Clarkes Seed & Feed also added his original Mobile Seed Cleaning service to the mix, this service provides Grain Farmers with the option of cleaning and treating their own seed on farm. After purchasing Bruce Smiths Mobile Plant run in 2011, Clarkes Seed & Feed now operate the only Mobile Service south of Canterbury. “Combine this with Grain Storage and Drying services and being able to supply Certified Seed and expert advice, we have the Arable Industry covered”